Image View Problem.

  startup 15:55 22 May 2003

In explorer, when I use the "My Pictures" folder, a warning dialog box appears each time I open a picture telling me there is a script error on line 282, character 17, of the imgview.htt file. I have found and opened the file but can see nothing obviuosly wrong.
How would I go about repairing this file to stop the dialog box constantly opening.
I did look in my Win Me disc but could'nt accaess the one file.
Could anyone advise me?


  Pesala 23:10 22 May 2003

When customising the folder from the View menu in Windows Explorer there is an option to customise the template to modify the way that the folder is displayed. Probably someone has modified the *.htt file. If you just remove customisation, and then customise it again, the template file will be regenerated automatically.

  startup 12:36 04 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advise, I tried it but when I re-applied the customisation and selected to show "Image View" the same thing happened, actually when the dialog box that appears and I click it off the same box insantly appears again but when cleared allows me to continue untill I close the "My Pictures" folder. (Every time I use the folder the same thing happens. Any other ideas please.

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