image types

  nobbie 11:39 26 Jun 2004

hi all, just a simple problem of which image format to use (jpg,bitmap etc) in e-mail attachments.
i have sent a couple of attachments by e-mail, but when the recipient opens them, they just get the white box with a little red cross in where the images should be.
so just wondered if there was a norm for e-mail images.

  woodbexhill 11:50 26 Jun 2004

Has this happened to just one recipient, or a variety of people?

Usually .jpg is used for image attachments.

  nobbie 11:57 26 Jun 2004

to be honest, i have only tried sending them back to myself, and when i recieve them, i get the white box/red cross

  Pesala 14:09 26 Jun 2004

Quality is good but file size is small. Bitmaps are huge by comparison. However, PNG or GIF are often better if taking screenshots (because screenshots have sharply contrasting colours and do not look sharp when saved as JPG). Resize pics to about 800 x 600 pixels or less, and compress using an image program to the quality you want.

This file click here is only 371 Kbytes as a JPG image, but 109 Mbytes as a TIF bitmap. Which would you prefer in your email?

Not sure about the red-cross problem. I've seen it lots of times on this forum. I think you need to clear your internet cache or something.

  Pesala 14:14 26 Jun 2004

Though the download is small, the image is huge when opened. Right-click and save to disk is a safer option especially on slower PCs.

  nobbie 14:50 26 Jun 2004

i,m just troubled by the fact that i create the attachment myself, then send it to myself, but can't see the images

  nobbie 14:51 26 Jun 2004

if it is the internet cache as you say, how do i clear it

  Pesala 15:05 26 Jun 2004

Delete files will clear your cache.

Search the forum for "red cross" if that doesn't work. I don't use Internet Explorer, as it is prone to such problems. I prefer the more interesting problems I get with Opera :) click here

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