Image sizes in NOF8 cataloque

  geoff47 15:35 25 Nov 2005

I am having problems sizing Images in the cataloque in NOF8.
If you resize one they all resize,some loosing all proportion.
Should I have a standard size image to start?
And what size would be best?
When making images the same size in Photoshop they appear to be not in proportion to the size of other differing sized items.I need an item that is 10inches sq to look in proportion to another that is 2 by 6 inches.
I need some guidance here please.
Many thanks for any help

  Forum Editor 08:24 26 Nov 2005

when dealing with images for the web is to carry out any changes in your image-editing program. If you're using PhotoShop do everything there, and then put the images into your site.

The physical sizing of images is easy - work in pixels by the way, not inches. What's important is the resolution, and the file sizes, and you should spend time practising.

Remember that you can reduce the physical size of a large image with no loss of quality, but you can't increase the size of a small image without loss. When you manipulate images digitally you are simply working with fixed amounts of data - an image that contains X amount of detail when small will still contain the same amount when enlarged, you're merely spreading the file information over a bigger area, and you'll lose quality.

  geoff47 21:14 26 Nov 2005

Many I need to make all the images a basic or standard size pixel wise BEFORE putting them into the web page?
Thanks for that. 22:46 26 Nov 2005

make them the size it want's them to be, until you change it. Click on the photo in the catalog picture folder (not the thumbnails) and on the properties pallette you can alter the size for either individual photos, or 'apply to all'.

NOF did not put in a lot of thought into their catalogues, and they haven't got any better in NOF 9. The loading time is unbelievable when you have a few items. I find it more flexible to create my own shopping carts until they finally get rid of the minor flaws.

  geoff47 00:24 28 Nov 2005

I have looked at alternative carts and I am just not technically minded enough,so will have to plod on with NOF.
I am having a problem making the cataloque pages background different to the rest of the site.
I want to maintain the top and side to run throughout the site but make the items stand out against a white background on the detail page.
Any suggestions as to why I cant?
Geoff47 01:26 28 Nov 2005

never seems to take the easy option! Why not use a paypal shopping cart and lay your thumbnails out in a table with white background? That way you leave your other page elements untouched.

To do this in NOF you will have to put the whole of the generated catalogue area into a table, to get the preffered BG colour, and the program generates very dodgy code when you start messing about with it's features.

Paypal is easier, and more reliable, believe me.

  geoff47 01:43 28 Nov 2005

Many thanks Bazza.....all that time trying to no avail,I knew you would know.
Oh well back to the drawing board.

  geoff47 00:31 29 Nov 2005

Sorry Barry....
Found the Paypal cart and have worked with it.The question now do I get the cart into my website?
Does the site have to be up and running? Or can I tweak it on my PC before uploading it?
Be patient with me I am still learning,and slow to be honest.
Many thanks
Geoff47 13:25 29 Nov 2005

the paypal code for one button. You then just alter the price etc. for each item, using this same piece of code.

Click on the sell in your table, then click "Cell HTML" on the properties pallette

Just paste the code into the cell. Make sure you paste into the "between tags" tab.

  geoff47 23:20 29 Nov 2005

Thats were you lost me do I get to the Paypal code?
I am into an unkown world with this......sorry 13:44 30 Nov 2005

'Create button' on the Paypal merchant tools, format it how you like, and copy the code given.

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