Image selection and organisation

  UncleP 02:54 14 Jan 2005

I have around 1000 pictures, artwork and photos spread over my hard disk, CDs etc. I really need to get them organised into libraries, so I'm looking for a program which will enable me to compare sets of images - mostly jpegs - erase the duplicates and duff ones and paste the remainder to a separate folder or CD.

I don't need to do any editing or manipulation, just selection. Can anyone recommend a suitable program?


  Danoh 03:26 14 Jan 2005

This is a freeware pgm that lets you compare file sizes, names and content. But it does not give you a visual check by opening a picture file.
click here

"Duplicate File Finder

This file comparison program supports unlimited number of files, folders or drives. Drag and drop folders or shortcuts that you want to scan. You can load and save different search profiles, and the last used search profile is automatically saved on exit. The fast search algorithm offers various search options, and you can export duplicate file list information to various file formats."

Hope that helps a bit.

  Derek 07:07 14 Jan 2005

I have even more pics and I only use a standard file system in Windows. It works well and it's very simple.
In Docs I have My Photos.
I then transfer all pics to this folder.
I convert all to Jpeg.
I then produce sub folders to My Photos such as Family - Friends - Hols - Business - Garden (anything that makes sence to you)etc.
Then I have sub folders to these and an example would be (under Hols) Hols 99 and Hols 02 etc.
I have tried so many packages and they always come with 'baggage'. My system works so well and others have copied it.
Best of luck.

  watchful 07:58 14 Jan 2005

I use exactly the same method as Derek and, once you've spent a little time sorting them if you've a backlog, it works perfectly.
You can highlight, drag and drop any strays into the right folder.

  Pesala 08:31 14 Jan 2005

click here for a free utility (85K) to find duplicates.

click here for a free file viewer/organiser.

  UncleP 02:14 15 Jan 2005

I do need a visual display of two or more images, as the 'duplicates' are photos of the same subject taken on different days, or with a different camera angle. The pictures have variations in positioning of objects, people etc, and I need to see which work well and which can be dumped.

I reckon that about half the images are redundant; at 2-20Mb per image that's a lot of storage space! The organisation into albums, folders or whatever will be useful in cutting down the amount of time spent in looking for a given image.

I have downloaded a couple of the programs suggested, and will report back in a day or so.

Thanks to all for the interest shown and the suggestions made.

  UncleP 00:21 19 Jan 2005

By coincidence, there is a review in this month's PCAdvisor (Issue 116, p126) of Photoshop Elements 3, which now includes much of an earlier program, Photoshop Album which can be used to display and organise images.

The latter is available as a free download from the Adobe UK website. It looks very promising, although I've only had time for a short investigation.

  Pesala 13:18 19 Jan 2005

This is just a trial version. $89 is not much to pay to get the program you want. ACDSee is also often recommended, and is also available as a free trial: click here

Irfan View is free, and may do what you want, though I don't think any program could help you to locate so-called "duplicates" that are actually different shots with different byte sizes. This tutorial will show you a little of what it can do: click here

You can sort thumbnails by date and time, which may bring duplicates close together.

  UncleP 01:16 25 Jan 2005

Thanks for the information and your comments. I have downloaded PhotoShop Album Starter edition, Irfan View and ACDSee. After a few days playing with them, my immediate reactions are that
(a) Irfan View handles an immense number of formats but isn't very good at the organisation and selection process. All my files are in either jpeg or tiff format,
(b) PhotoShop Album is very simple to use, but a little under-powered, and
(c) ACDSee is just the reverse, very powerful but not easy to get to grips with (at least not in a few days). I've also had some problems with the registration process, which doesn't inspire confidence.

I would like to try PhotoShop Elements 3, as I had considered this as an image manipulation programme to replace my old version of PhotoShop BE. But I am told that it is only available for Windows XP, and I run Windows ME.

  Pesala 22:51 25 Jan 2005

This may be the ideal program for what you want to do. It is easier to use than ACDSee, free, and fast. click here The download is only 3 Mbytes. I only recently installed it on Windows ME and was surprised at how fast it catalogued my images. Definitely worth a look.

  Pesala 22:51 25 Jan 2005

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