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  vicky seville 17:18 17 Feb 2005

I used to be able to right click on an image..then I sent it to e-mail recipient and I was given the option to make the images smaller.I seem to have lost this option despite checking my internet options settings.
Can anyone tell me how to get it back.Run xp service pack 2


  The Sack 17:32 17 Feb 2005

Scroll down to image resizer click here

  vicky seville 17:51 17 Feb 2005

downloaded that ok and I get the option to resize when I right click but it doesnt do anything..also it doesnt help me as to why I cant do what I could previously do..but thanks anyway some useful power toys

  Gongoozler 17:55 17 Feb 2005

You can resize images in Irfanview click here

  Lionheart ? 18:01 17 Feb 2005

Not sure if this will help click here

  jakimo 22:33 17 Feb 2005

Give this a try

click here

  beeuuem 22:48 17 Feb 2005

In IE click on tools then click INTERNET OPTIONS. Click the ADVANCED tab. look for the MULTIMEDIA heading. If there's a check in the ENABLE AUTOMATIC IMAGE RESIZING. take it out, then click apply. replace it, then click apply again.

If the above does not work try Start, click on Run and type the following in the box:
REGSVR32 SHIMGVW.DLL and press 'Enter. Note the space between REGSVR32 and SHIMGVW.DLL

  beeuuem 22:53 17 Feb 2005

If the above does not work try the M/S fix from click here

  vicky seville 11:43 18 Feb 2005

Thanks for replies.Re the fix from microsoft I have completed method one but this doesnt bring the option back and option 2 I cant follow.Is there anyone out there who can explain it a little easier..Im ok getting into the registry and finding the keys in question but when it talks about subkeys and what I am actually supposed to be changing Im a little confused


  Yoda Knight 12:02 18 Feb 2005

"downloaded that ok and I get the option to resize when I right click but it doesnt do anything.."

It creates a new file in the same directory called small(filename).jpg or something similar, just have a look in the directory for it

  Completealias 12:20 18 Feb 2005

Vicky seville the method beeuuem has suggest is done from the run prompt in the start menu press start then run and in the run propmt type

regsvr32 shimgvw.dll

This should then register the required dll file

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