image quality from PC to phone ??

  Ikelos 11:20 05 Dec 2005

hi, how can you make a image sharper when it is transferred to a mobile phone from the Pc via infrared, the thumbnail is of course sharp, but when on the phone it is rough, i realize the PC monitor will give a good image, the size i am sending is 128x128 pixels, i have tried JPG and GIF, the pictures already in the phone are sharp.

anyone any ideas if they can be made better.


  De Marcus™ 11:25 05 Dec 2005

Find out what resolution the screen is on your phone and adjust the pictures to best suit.

  Ikelos 11:30 05 Dec 2005

thanks, I will now try and find out, and report back..

  Ikelos 11:50 05 Dec 2005

hi again, it tells me the image is 128x128 pixels and the main display colours are 4096.

and the images can be WBMP.GIF and JPG.

how can i shut the colour down to 4096, or there abouts.


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