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  discou 10:36 14 Dec 2003

I have W98 and use the "as web page" layout when browsing my image files I find that on one-click the TIF and BMP files show a small version of the image prior to opening it up on 2nd click.This is useful and saves time in finding the one I want.However the JPG and GIF images do not do this.
How can I make my JPG and GIF files show this?
Regards discou

  bpboonn 17:05 14 Dec 2003

Go to folder with your images in. Open folder. Click VIEW on tool bar. Click.. customize Folder.
Click next. next again, now ensure the check box is checked for .. Choose or edit HTML. Now click next. Click on IMAGE click next. Now click Finnish.
Now when you click image it should show.

Just realised you have 98 this is for ME but may work!!!!

  Pesala 18:58 14 Dec 2003

If you're browsing pictures more than occasionally, it will speed things up a lot, and will view many file types, not just images. click here to see a few notes or click here to download it.

ACDSee is also an excellent image browser, but I think it is Shareware.

  discou 22:51 26 Dec 2003

I read the thread on inkblocking with interest. I have run a Epson 640 for four years with occasional lapses.
These were usually the black cartridge after refilling when it displayed a full tank but printed with horizontal lines. This usually cleared up after a few days. Currently I have a problem with a colour cartridge which after giving several months of good service suddenly lost the yellow despite displaying a 33% content. On removing the cartridge and blowing it was evident that there was plenty of ink there and it then showed full up on all tanks but no yellow printouts! After repeated head cleaning and a blow through the print heads I now have no colour at all and it shows some 70% full on all tanks.
I am loath to try another colour cartridge in case the problem is in the printer itself. Any useful suggestions would be gratefully received.

  christmascracker 22:56 26 Dec 2003

There is a copy of ACDSee on the cover disc of PCA mag this month (well, feb 2004)

I got it with my printer a few months ago and never use anything else

  megat193 23:33 26 Dec 2003

This came up last year, and is something to do with Explorer registry settings having been altered. There were small fixes for each type of image file. It certainly cured the problem for me, without having to restore to a point where they had shown up. Unfortunately it would appear that the link that 'jazzypop' posted on 25/01/03 has expired. Maybe someone out there still has the wee programs - I am afraid I do not anymore. If you look at the thread at click here you could try emailing 'jazzypop'.

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