Image or Clone? your system/hard drive.

  tonyq 11:32 18 Oct 2015

Hi all, can you good people explain the difference between a Image and a Clone,when making a copy/back up of the system/hard drive. When to clone when to Image. I can never seem to get my head around the subject!.

  compumac 11:34 18 Oct 2015
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:54 18 Oct 2015

Clone - exact copy of a drive onto another drive of the same size.

Image - compressed copy of a drive or partition that can be stored on another drive or partition for later restoration to original or even a new drive.

Clone can physically replaced the old drive and should immediately work as before.

Image needs a method of restoring - hence if the boot drive has failed a rescue disk is required to boot the computer and restore the image.

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