Image Joining Problem

  The Paul 09:10 30 Sep 2004

Ive been trying to make a border for this site for ages. You guys have offered advice before to me but I'm totally stumped. I've searched the web for help, tutorials anything which will stop me feeling like the biggest eegit in the world.

How do I get the 3 images to join up to look like a shop front leaving me the space in the centre to add text or other images or whatever. Using advice from before (link to old thread = click here ) I've used tables and tried each image in one cell but no matter what I do I cannot get them to join. I've looked at other sites and they seem to do this - its just how.

The site address is click here

Cheers folks - Paul

  Patr100 17:16 30 Sep 2004

The page doesn't seem to want to save properly so I can't play about with it too much but if you look at your table properies and reduce the cell padding and/or spacing to zero it should help.

  Taran 17:45 30 Sep 2004

Did you slice an original image or create three separate graphic files ?

I usually cheat and use Ulead PhotoImpact or Macromedia Fireworks to prepare an image. Once the full image is done, I slice it to the required component parts and export the whole lot into Dreamweaver or export to HTML/image files and use the output in FrontPage.

The beauty about image slicing and good image editing programs that can output for the web is that the sliced parts reassemble as a visual whole embedded into a table without any head scratching on your behalf.

  The Paul 18:18 30 Sep 2004

Thanks for the responses folks.

Patr100 - cell padding and borders etc are all 0.

Taran - good to hear from you again. What you say sounds good but I dont really understand slicing. I have Fireworks so I guess I'll spend some time figuring this out.

When I do slice as you suggest, do I put each new slice into a seperate cell or all in the same cell?

Sorry to be thick - Paul

  Patr100 18:39 30 Sep 2004

When I look at your page in Frontpage it says your cell padding is "1" and cell spacing is "2"

When I change it to zero in Front Page it brings the edges together as I think you want. Though the shop columns and top seem to be bitmaps (which are largers sized file and will slow loading of the page) rather than jpegs and the page doesn't save properly to my PC .This might be the reason why.

  Taran 19:37 30 Sep 2004

When you slice an image in Fireworks and export to Dreamweaver the exported page and images are automatically assigned into table cells for you.

That's the whole point to image slicing for the web with a good graphics program - not only do you get a faster loading page (lots of little images load quicker than one larger image) but you also get the table side of things taken care of.

Fireworks allows you to decide on the shape and size of the slices you want then the whole lot is exported as an HTML table with the parts of the original image assembled to represent the whole in the web page code.

It's probably far easier to read the walk-through in the Fireworks help file on Image Slicing than it is for me to explain it.

  The Paul 20:44 30 Sep 2004

This sounds just what I need so I'll close this thread and go study.

Thanks to you and Patr100 for helping out. Good luck. Paul

  The Paul 20:47 30 Sep 2004

I didnt see your post. Despite the fact that I have set the settings to zero they are showing as you say. I'll try changing again and see what happens.

I'm also going to spend a few days trying the Fireworks slicing stuuf that Taran has mentioned.

Cheers Patr100.

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