I`m trying to instal Zone Alarm

  Buchan 35 20:01 29 Mar 2005

While trying to download and instal Zone Alarm I came to a page where I was informed : "you`re using Netscape (mozilla). Sorry this is an ActiveX control. It will only run in MS Internet Explorer".
What can I do about this please, apart from abandoning Mozilla?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 29 Mar 2005

Download using IE6 (you need this for your updates anyway)

Install Zone alarm will work quite happily with Mozilla.

Posted this using Firefox and Zonealarm

  selfbuild 20:12 29 Mar 2005

Try Sygate instead !!

Sygate has no problem working with Mozilla.

  gudgulf 20:13 29 Mar 2005

I'm going to make a guess here....your "problem" occurred when trying to use the "Free scan my computer for spyware before downloading ZoneAlarm-Recommended" or words to that effect.Well that does need an ActiveX control so if you want to use it then you will need to use IE.However it is a scan only so if it finds anything you will have to pay for it.I have tried it and I was not very impressed with this fact or the scanner itself for that matter.

My advice is ignore this scan completely and go straight to the download....which will work with Firefox (just done it myself to check!).

  Buchan 35 21:16 29 Mar 2005

Thanks a lot. I`ll use IE to download and install.
You`re absolutely right gudulf, and thanks finally to selfbuild,I had a problem getting on the `net with Sygate, using either my ISP or Mozilla so I ditched it.Must have been something I did. Anyway alls resolved

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