I'm sure it's genuine - phone no for Mirosoft?

  BeeWee 23:34 27 Apr 2006

I have all the stickers on my Sony laptop. The one underneath says windows xp and underneath that it says sony corporation, then the key no.
Please could someone give me the phone no. for Microsoft?

Thank you

  terryf 23:36 27 Apr 2006

Try a google

  The Spires 23:40 27 Apr 2006
  BeeWee 23:43 27 Apr 2006

Thank you - I'll ring them first thing and let you know how I get along!


  Devil Fish 23:43 27 Apr 2006

MS help and support UK

click here

  johnnyrocker 23:46 27 Apr 2006

you have mail


  BeeWee 16:43 28 Apr 2006

Well...I rang Microsoft first thing and the lady I spoke to told me I would have to get in touch with Sony. This I did and I then had to scan in proof of purchase of the laptop and email it to them. All this before the question of whether Windows is genuine or not can be discussed. They are going to phone me on Tuesday to try to resolve this issue.


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