I'm sorry Symantec - but that's just plain stupid

  Red Devil 10:19 12 Jan 2005

Not technically a helproom query but a little bit of a whinge, though it may help people who have experienced the same problem and are not sure what is going on.

I installed NIS 2005 in October and kept getting an error saying that NIS 2005 didn't support the repair facility and that I needed to uninstall and then re-install the program to sort the problem out - which I have done on more occasions than I now care to remember.

I've been racking my brains as to why it was doing this and have finally sussed it out.

I like to keep my All Pograms section tidy in the start menu and so move programs that install options/folders there to relevant sections in the accessories sub folder.

It seems that NIS doesn't like you doing this and unless it is in the All Programs section it will throw up the error mentioned above.

I'm sorry, but that's just plain stupid and is extremely poor program design for the program to report an error - and such an unclear error - for doing something as simple as this.

What if every program I install did this? My screen would end up being filled to overflowing every time I opened the All Programs option and would end up as an unholy looking mess in fairly short order!

Surely they could have designed the program better than this?! It's never done this in previous versions so is obviously a new "feature" that they've introduced in the 2005 version.

Whinge/rant over.

  Sethhaniel 10:25 12 Jan 2005

then find your computer
hangs as they have left bits in system.ini or other places ;)

  Red Devil 10:29 12 Jan 2005

Been there, seen it, done it! ;)

Happened on one of my many uninstall/re-installs over the last couple of months.

Thank god for system restore is all I can say as my computer would not be working properly now otherwise!

  gaynes1cove 11:22 12 Jan 2005

I have the same problem but my error comes up on the desktop when using any part of the microsoft office 2000 suite.
I deleted NIS 2005 and Office 2000 as instructed, reinstalling both but the same error notice did not appear again until the office suite was installed and then only when I wanted to open office. I just ignore it now, deleting the warning. It's a pain.

  Sethhaniel 11:33 12 Jan 2005

to stop warning from appearing
I had to edit the registry to stop warning key for xp security - as I am not connected to web but warning kept flashing and had to be physically clicked before you could continue

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