I'm sending out spam

  diving bubbles 17:07 26 Sep 2008

I am now receiving about 200 spam e-mails per day,some of which have come from my email address.How is someone using my PC to do this and how can I stop it?
Thanks Alan.

  ICF 17:08 26 Sep 2008

Have you done a spyware and virus scan?

  rawprawn 17:24 26 Sep 2008

Try SuperAntispyware
click here

  diving bubbles 17:48 26 Sep 2008

Yes. I've run Norton360 anti virus and spybot search and destroy.
Thanks Alan.

  Woolwell 18:43 26 Sep 2008

Someone may have hacked into your ISP account or more likely they are using your header. Change your e-mail password asap.

  mgmcc 19:30 26 Sep 2008

This is a fairly common problem.

*SOMEONE ELSE* who has your email address in their address book has been infected with a virus and malicious emails are being sent using the addresses from that address book.

Any messages which bounce will come back to you, because your address is in the "From:" field, even though you didn't originally send them. Normally, this activity dies out after a few days.

  DieSse 23:46 26 Sep 2008

Spammers often spoof the email addresses of others to get this effect.

Unfortunately it probably won't die away. Once your email address is being used by spammers, it tends to stay that way.

The only real cure is to change you email address - and to choose a name that is unlikely to be guessed at by a spammer too.

  palinka 14:22 27 Sep 2008

I agree with mgmcc; it's quite common and not caused by you; and it usually dies away ultimately, despite DieSse's gloomy prognostications. In a worst case scenario you may have to chenge your email address - but no-one I know has had to resort to that.

  Clapton is God 16:27 27 Sep 2008

"... you may have to chenge your email address - but no-one I know has had to resort to that"

I've had to do that in the last few weeks.

I was getting as many as 10 spam e-mails an hour - every hour of every day.

And the vast majority of them we being sent by a 'spam bot'. Most of the sender's e-mail addresses were prefixed by the initials 'dw' - a sure sign that they were coming from the same single source.

  Snec 16:38 27 Sep 2008

I know a lot of people who this has happened to, including myself. It is quite common and the only way to stop it is to kill the email address being used. It is usually okay to bring it back into use again after about 2 or 3 weeks.

  diving bubbles 12:46 28 Sep 2008

I downloaded and have run Super anti spyware. Only found cookies.Also ran a full virus scan with Norton and it found three viruses,also has fixed one suspicious or hijacked network address so maybe it's me after all.

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