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I'm pretty sure it's hopeless

  lion4253 23:28 03 Apr 2016

I have accidentally deleted an important email from Outlook (MS Office 2010 - Windows 8:1) Is there any chance of recovering it?

  Svol 00:03 04 Apr 2016

Have you checked in your Outlook 'Deleted Items' folder for the deleted file?

  lion4253 10:25 04 Apr 2016

It was in "Trash" and I emptied this folder! Big mistake, I guess! Thanks for your post Svol.

  john bunyan 10:40 04 Apr 2016

Do you have an Archive folder in a different location?

  john bunyan 10:43 04 Apr 2016

I have "My Outlook" in my Data partition, with a back up on another drive.

  Ashrich 10:58 04 Apr 2016

How long ago did you do this ? Is your email system set up as pop3 or imap ? Look here for more info here Ashley

  Svol 11:30 04 Apr 2016

If you search for and locate your Outlook *.pst mail file on Disk, then using Windows File Explorer Right-Click on that .pst file and you may have a 'Restore previous versions' option available.

If there are previous versions available you can restore to a different location on disk and then use Outlook to open that restored .pst file and hopefully your 'deleted' file is contained within.

  lion4253 17:44 04 Apr 2016

Thank you all for your help. Following Svol's instructions, I have got my email (and several others too) back again - much to my surprise. I do so much appreciate all your time and trouble! PCA Forums are 1st class!

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