I'm on the phone to NTL RIGHT NOW any questions

  Tim1964 16:33 04 Oct 2003

I have tech support on the phone NOW!!!

  Jester2K II 16:34 04 Oct 2003

Whats this about Win98SE not being compatible with IE6????

  Tim1964 16:34 04 Oct 2003

Still on hold

  Tim1964 16:36 04 Oct 2003

I'm using win98 1st ed. with IE 6 no prob.

  powerless 16:37 04 Oct 2003

Have you told them, your posting anwsers on a website? ;-)))

Sort of like "I'm recording this conversation"


When is the 2MEG service out? ;-))

  Jester2K II 16:38 04 Oct 2003

I'm using Win98 1st ed. with IE 6 no prob

Yeah i know loads of people using Win98 and IE6 fine - but NTL claim IE6 is designed for Win 2K and XP and won't support any PC running IE 6 on 98.


  Tim1964 16:38 04 Oct 2003

Tried to blame 'blaster' but as I'm on win98 so now it's back to 'on hold' with tech. dept.

  bebobaloobop 16:40 04 Oct 2003

can you get them to give me a call when you're done with them? :)

  Tim1964 16:43 04 Oct 2003

I know it's not my pc cos at 11pm onwards it's back up to speed, but I think they may try that one as he mentioned something about software before he disappeared and put me on hold to the 'real' tech people.

  Alan Ryan 16:45 04 Oct 2003

What you're doing is an ingenious attaempt to put the squeeze on their "service": I hope you succeed.

  Tim1964 16:47 04 Oct 2003

I'm losing the will to live now.......

The recorded message says something about a "super speed BB service 20x faster (than what?)for ONLY £24.99",

I wonder if I could get it!!!!

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