I'm not entirely sure...

  Simsy 08:46 14 Feb 2006

that I understand a couple of things you have written;

"I was unable to open images sent by e-mail from a printer" Can you explain this a bit clearer please?

Can you also confirm what you mean by "my web page". Do you mean on your website, or on your hard drive?


"all my images had their file extensions changed automatically to .pspimage" Do you really mean that the name of the files was changed? Or do you mean that when looking in Windows Explorer, (or "My Documents", or any of it's variations), that the "type" of file has changed? See this example;

click here

You may have to untick "Hide extensions for known file types" to see the extension on the left of the image.

If what has changed is what's shown on the right hand side of the image, that's not the file name changing. What has happened is that during installation PSP8 has Associated all image file types with itself. (There is normally the option to do this with most graphics programms). This means that, for example, a jpeg image, as far as Windows is concerned, is now a PSP8 image and will open, by default, in PSP8. It does not mean that it has been renamed with a PSP8 extention.

If you have subsequently remnamed the images with the file extensions you suggest, then the browser probably wont open them, as a browser, (as far as I know?), wont recognise the file extension .pspimage

Hopefully we can clear this up, if it's as I think.



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