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  Fred the flour grader 21:39 26 Dec 2006

Hi Guys,

On Xmas day, my wife presented me with a brand new Compaq laptop computer, my first one!. It was intended to replace my ageing old Advent 3301pc that I purchased in 1999. I am connected to the internet through Blueyonder wireless broadband, via the blueyonder set top box. I want to basically swap all my email accounts to the new laptop whilst also allowing the kids to take the old Advent upstairs to the bedroom so they can have a pc up there, and share the internet connection.
The exsisting set up has a Netgear wireless access point plugged into the back of the set top box and the signal is recieved by the pc via a wireless usb adapter. It states on the Netgear wireless access point that only one computer can use this unit so, I am aware that I will probably require a new Netgear unit. Blueyonder have on their site that Netgear will sell these at a good rate to exsisting Blueyonder customers at preferential rates, however I think I have seen the same units in pc world for less.
What I am really looking for is a simple explanation on how to create a home network for someone like me to understand. I am using XP on the new laptop and 98se on the old Advent, would this cause a problem? Also I am using AVG free on the old Advent, but have the option of Norton on the new laptop, which I don't really like, so do I need an anti virus for each pc or just one for the network?
Any help really appreciatted,

  Strawballs 23:40 26 Dec 2006

click here

click here

For a router if you wish to go this way click here I myself have the linksys WRT54G through NTL STB 4meg

  Strawballs 23:42 26 Dec 2006

Sorry should have read thread properly my first link must have 2 XP machines but the second will work with router

  Fred the flour grader 10:30 27 Dec 2006

Thanks Strawballs,

your help is really appreciatted. I am confused a bit though. What is the difference between a wireless access point, and a wireless router? The items look identical to me. I was looking at the Netgear Cable/DSL 54MBPS Wireless router 4port 10/100 switch. On the Novatech link you gave.
AM I right that you state you can use this with one machine running XP and one running 98se?
My wife wants me to go to PC World and ask someone there but, I always think this is the best place for any problems I have.
Once again, thanks for your help upto now.

  LastChip 01:04 28 Dec 2006

One is intelligent and one is dumb (to a point).

The router is the intelligent one in as much as, if it is so configured, will give your computers their addresses and feed data to them. In other words, it will act like a postman, sorting the letters out and delivering to individual post boxes.

An access point is dumb. It will simply accept wireless signals (data) and pass it on to all the computers to sort out themselves. In other words, it will act like a collection point - throw everything in and let someone else do the sorting.

Access points more often than not, tend to be used as relays. In other words, if you can't cover the required physical area with a router, add an access point to extend the coverage.

click here for further information.

  Strawballs 01:54 28 Dec 2006

Yes you can run a mixture of XP and 98se machines from a router It will be easier if the 98 machine is connected by wire but it will work wirelessly.

Once you have the router up and running you will have to set the 98 machine to get it's internet connection via Lan through internet options.

  Fred the flour grader 11:42 29 Dec 2006

Thanks guys for your help upto now, it all looks very technical to me but hopefully it will just be a case of swapping the wireless access point for a Netgear router (WGR614UK) and maybe buying another plug in usb adapter. I already have one with the Blueyonder, and the laptop has a built in wi-fi (broadcom 802.11b/gWLAN) so I am unsure if I need another usb adapter? I will get a router and take it from there.
I will leave this open so if anybody can give me any tips or advice, I would be grateful.

  Fred the flour grader 19:32 30 Dec 2006

Yesterday, went to PC World and purchased a 108mbps wireless router (Netgear wgt624) was advised by the guy in the shop that this will do the trick, it came with a 108mbps usb adapter.
The set up before I started was advent 3301 running 98se using blueyonder wireless broadband via a Netgear wireless access point.
Followd the instructions as best I could and got the new Compaq laptop on a wireless connection no bother. The Advent did not connect at all though. I cannot get my original blueyonder e mails through the laptop and the only way I can connect the Advent desktop, is by plugging the new router into the original access point and still using the same original usb adaptor. I thought it was just a case of plugging it all in and being able to share the connection but it is obviously not. I have logged into the router via the laptop and that states that it is only the laptop it can see, no Advent there at all.
Can anybody give me an idea of where I am going wrong here please?

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