im new to this lark!!!!

  Mr Tinkles II 23:19 17 Nov 2003

i am a total novice when it comes to scripting, i am trying to designa chat room for my website, using the same graphical layout as the rest of my site, can anyone help? please bear in mind that i know nothing about this subject but i want to add the final touch to my site!!!!

thanks for any help in advance


  Taran 13:11 18 Nov 2003

I'd suggest you look at the excellent PHP Bulletin Board click here

It's possible to write your own if you want to but you need a very good grasp of PHP, although you can achieve similar results with ASP, CGI, Perl or even Java but either way, using phpBB from the link above removes the need for you to be a good programmer and with a bit of tinkering you can be up and running in short order.

  Mr Tinkles II 22:37 18 Nov 2003

thanks, will give it a whirl, but i may be back screaming when i get stuck !!!!!!

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