I'm looking for a Power Supply Unit?

  Pedro Campos 17:03 31 Dec 2004

I'm building my own PC and I'm looking for a good PSU, powerfull, silent within my budget of £50? i'll be using intel P4 with a motherboard MSI 865P. Any advice? No OEM please.

  ACOLYTE 17:05 31 Dec 2004

Depends what other Hardware you have as to the wattage but a 400w CPU should work just fine and you can get one for say £30 or maybe less.As for silent i hardly hear mine,or any i have used.

  fuzzyone 17:15 31 Dec 2004

click here

The levicom 450 watt at under £50, would be hard to beat.

  Tycho 17:15 31 Dec 2004

I had a psu burn out some months ago and rushed out into town to get another. It was cheap, 350W and very loud. So much so that I bought o#anoth one. The one that I have now is a Nexus and is nearly silent. Virtually all the noise that my PC makes now comes from the CPU cooling fan IAnd its only 400MHz Pentium II !)


  AndySD 17:20 31 Dec 2004

I've been using the Q-Tech 550 for a year now and its still quiet click here

  mrdsgs 17:23 31 Dec 2004

Enermax are probably the market leader but most models new would be outside your price limit.

Don't be deceived by the 550W or even 400W claims of lesser brands. their claim relates to peak wattage, not sustained therefore in many/all ways a 365W Enermax will last longer and outperform something like a qtec 550W in terms of sustainbed power output and silence!

p.s. Purely coincidentally I have a 365W Enermax I was thinking of putting on ebay!


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