I'm looking for a PDA

  Sapins 08:35 22 Jun 2010

This is a new area for me and I would like some advice on what to look for. I want to keep the following at "hand"

Shopping lists where you can tick off items as you put them in your trolley, information re my car, information re the house, telephone numbers and addresses, to do lists, appointments etc: I want to spend up to £30 or so. Good battery life would be good.

All advice, and where to buy them, will be greatly appreciated.



  Sapins 10:03 22 Jun 2010


  Woolwell 12:06 22 Jun 2010

PDA's are on the way out as many mobile phones/smartphones do all of that and in many cases easier. I gave up on my PDA a while back for that reason and also it wasn't compatible with Vista. Be aware if you put too much information on it and lose it then someone could get hold of quite a bit of sensitive information.
I doubt if you can get anything for up to £30 unless you go second hand. Have a look at e-bay (taking care of course).

  Sapins 14:01 22 Jun 2010

Thanks for your reply. I have a basic mobile phone on a now unobtainable tariff and I am not going to update it at the moment. I think I will forget about a PDA for now,



  morddwyd 20:03 22 Jun 2010

Have a look on ebay- some keywords -Dell Axim, Ipaq,

You may well find something for £30, though it will probably be running windows mobile 5, not 6.

Lots of organiser software if you find the basic offering a bit basic!

I use Pocket Informant.

  gazzaho 08:24 23 Jun 2010

Until recently I used an iPAQ 1940 and a program called ListPro for setting up lists and a program called Pocket Informant for contacts and Phone numbers, I also used a program called E-Wallet for storing sensitive information like passwords and PIN numbers.

Sadly my iPAQ, which was a great little device started switching off every few seconds or minutes at random. As I was interested in buying a new iPod I found that the E-Wallet and Pocket Informant had an app for those programs on the iPod touch, but sadly there is no app for the ListPro program.

I would have considered another iPAQ PDA if I hadn't bought a iPod touch though.

My PDA was compatible with Vista and Win 7, it didn't use the connection software that XP needed installed as Win 7, and if I can remember properly Vista, has Sync Centre built in.

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