I'm looking for an honest antivirus package.

  1936 17:46 04 Jan 2015

I used to use AVG but as they increased their charge by 17% and also charge to cover my Laptop I have dumped them. I keyed in, “What is the best Anti Virus” on the Web Randall Sutherland ‏ came up with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus at: £19.27 I keyed that into the Web which came up with “Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 £41.63 GBP. It then came up with Bitdefender Virus and Spyware Removal (Bitdefender recommended) £83.99 GBP Plus Bitdefender Install & SetUp £29.99 GBP Plus Bitdefender System Repair £59.99 GBP A totall of: £215.60

Or have I made a mistake? I'm still looking for a replacement Antivirus.

  spuds 18:14 04 Jan 2015

"I'm still looking for a replacement Antivirus"

Have you thought about Avast. It's well known and up there with the most of the anti-virus prevention range. An added bonus, is the free download and use version. Avast secure download click here

  Ian in Northampton 18:40 04 Jan 2015

This source is known to be very reliable in terms of knowledgability and impartiality... :-) Personally, though, I've used Avast (free) for some time and it seems to be good.

  calv0492 04:43 10 Jan 2015

This website can give you an idea about the various anti-virus options. Good luck! Here's the link click here

  tullie 20:26 11 Jan 2015

Lets face it,you could go to a dozen different sites and you would get a dozen different opinions.

  wee eddie 09:23 12 Jan 2015

I would agree.

  Toybotaboy 12:19 12 Jan 2015

This topic will be going for Decades or until people realise that it's really just all about personal preference or choice, after all, if Bitdefender or Kaspersky were used by everyone who claim them to be the best, they would be the market leaders with the highest proportion of sales, whereas in reality, they're nowhere near being the bestsellers. The fact of the matter is that there really isn't a lot of difference between any of the better known ones & if more people would take up the free trials offered by 95% of these companies, they would see this for themselves.

For instance, you would find that the only real difference between free security & paid for, is all the gadgets (IE: Defrag, Tuning, Scheduling etc) & the support of someone on the end of a phone line, so you need to ask yourself why you would want to pay for something you don't really need. If you just want great security that you can install & forget about, then choose G-Data, Bitdefender, Panda, Bullguard, F-Secure etc, if you want all the tools for fine tuning, choose Comodo, Norton, Kaspersky, Easy 360, McAfee etc, there's not a lot between any of the ones i've named or the ones i haven't & there are quite a few. Some of the above are free & get better marks than some paid for security, but don't take my word for it, check with the companies who test these products.

People choose or say they choose the popular ones, mainly because of hearsay, they hear someone say that Kaspersky is the best, so they tell all who will listen the same thing, they all tell their friends the same thing, then all of a sudden, Kaspersky becomes known as THE best, even though in reality, it has less than 6% of the market, it's that simple, people really are that fickle.

Not many people out there actually test these products for themselves, well i say they should take up the free trials & do so & whilst they're at it, try 'HerdProtect', because all you hear is Malwarebytes (Mbam) this & Mbam that & don't get me wrong here, Mbam is a fantastic on demand scanner, but HerdProtect never gets a mention, Christ knows why not, because with 68 different antimalware seeking engines (Including Mbam), it's a far better option with much more control. Try it, you won't regret it & best of all, it's free.

PS..... adf-ly needs to be initiated by someone, it doesn't happen by accident, so draw your own conclusions.

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