I'm looking for a couple of Opera tips...

  Simsy 17:39 03 Sep 2005

Hi folks,

I'm a fan of, and have been a user of Opera for a long time. I even paid for it several years ago and have paid for upgrades...

I'm confortable with using it, but there are a couple of things that I suspect are possible, but I haven't managed to achieve. (And I've not found the answer of the Opera forums either...)

First... Is there a keyboard shortcut/combination to switch between open tabs?

Second... I've a lot of "favourites" on my personal bar. This, (deliberately), doesn't contain my chosen home page, (BBC), because, perhaps perversely, I don't actually use it much... When using the mouse, you can click the middle "button", (or wheel), on the mouse, on a site on the personal bar and it will open in a new page, but this doesn'e happen when clicking on the "home" icon. Is there something I can configure such that clicking on the "home" icon, using middle button, (or another?), that wil make hoem page open in a new window rather than the currently active one?

I hope this makes sense!

(I realise I can just make BBC one of the items on the pers bar... I'm space saving on this bar)



  Stuartli 17:41 03 Sep 2005

See Pesala's tutorials:

click here

Post yesterday orginally.

  Simsy 18:04 03 Sep 2005

ther is indeed some stuff there that is new to me, but, (unless I've missed it?), it doesn't cover what I seek.

Perhaps, of course, it's not possible!

Thanks anyway,



  Chegs ® 18:55 03 Sep 2005

To cycle thru open tabs,Ctrl+ (L & R)Arrow keys.I am busy elsewhere presently,but later on I will go and have a poke around in Opera 8,see just what I can suss out.(I had to ask Pesala howto setup "AutoRefresh" in it,as I thought it might have been missed in this version.I have been using 6/7 previously,until I discovered Avant)

  Mikè 19:19 03 Sep 2005

In Opera 8.02 (albeit in Linux) the '1' key cycles between all open tabs.

  Mikè 19:21 03 Sep 2005

Further to my above post, the'1' key moves left and the '2' key moves right.

  Simsy 19:31 03 Sep 2005

for that Mikè...

That's just what I wanted!

Anyone know the answer to the second?



  octal 19:50 03 Sep 2005

I've just been looking at my Opera, I can't seem to be able to make the homepage icon on the main tool bar work with middle mouse click either.

The only way I can get it to work is to View the personal tool bar and put the home page icon in there and it will middle mouse click from there.

What I usually do is to open a new page tab and click on the home page icon in the main bar.

  Simsy 06:25 04 Sep 2005

That's what I do at the moment as well octal.



  Mr Mistoffelees 09:03 04 Sep 2005

In Preferences under the advanced tab there is the option to "open new page next to active", I have that checked.

  Simsy 09:35 04 Sep 2005

but what that does is, literally, what it says, with the emphasis on "NEXT"...

if you have 6 pages open on different tabs, and say you are looking at the 2nd of three; with that box ticked a new page will become the 3rd whereas without it ticked it will become the 7th.
I'm looking for a single click way of opening the designated home page, in new page, without having it on the personal bar.




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