Im just a little boy who wants a laptop for xmas

  Winxx 18:18 06 Nov 2006

hi, im 14 and i love using PC's, they are great, and the only thing i would want for christmas is a laptop.

Now, my mum and dad is willing to spend not much past £200, ive done my research and i know what im looking at, and even ebay is giving me rubbish for the money i have.

I need at LEAST:

20GB memory
Windows XP installed
and internet able would be nice (doesnt have to be Wifi enabled)

Ive been looking at IBM thinkpads and at the moment one of those are top of my list at about £230 with the requirements im looking for.

If anybody can suggest anything i would be extremely grateful, to be honest my mum and dad don't have money, especially being my birthday and christmas are 5 days apart... :(

  rawprawn 18:27 06 Nov 2006

I really don't know much about laptops, but I know exactly how you feel. My birthday is on the 29th and it is a pain no matter how much your mum and dad try to help.
I'm sorry I can't suggest a laptop at your price, but I wish you well, and hope you get what you want for both your birthday and Xmas.
Tell your mum you are going to have an official birthday in June just like the queen.
PS. My mums birthday was on the 28th, look at what a wonderful present she got!!!
Good luck.

  Winxx 18:30 06 Nov 2006

Lol thanks, i wish you good luck also

  postie24 18:34 06 Nov 2006

Hi winxx,dont think you will get a laptop for that sort of money im afraid.This ones a good buy if your mum n dad can afford it click here

  Forum Editor 18:36 06 Nov 2006

and although I know you don't want to hear this but you'll have a real job getting a worthwhle laptop for £200.

If you could just get the budget stretched to say, £250 you would stand a far better chance, and to be honest I think you should wait until that's a possibility.

click here and you'll see what I mean. The £200 machines are seriously under-specifed by today's standards, and I think you would be very disappointed by their performance.

My son's birthday is on Christmas day,and I know exactly what you mean about money being a bit tight around that time of year. Maybe you could ask your parents to defer your present for a few months - that might give them time to see their way clear to a budget increase, and I'm sure you would find the wait worthwhile.

  skidzy 18:49 06 Nov 2006

As pointed out above Win,im afraid the budget has to be increased to get a laptop of worth.

This model on the right from Dell is as good as you will get for the money,it includes the vat and here but again im afraid you need another £100

I do hope you get your Lappy for Christmas and if you do.....come back and tell us.

Good luck in your search.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:53 06 Nov 2006

Two enterprising youngsters from my village go round and wash cars for £2.50 a car.......


  €dstowe 18:54 06 Nov 2006

How about doing as my family do and have an "After-Christmas Christmas"? This is where we do all the present buying and giving in January getting things from the January sales and Christmas leftovers in the stores.

You can certainly get some very good bargains this way and all it needs is a little patience and understanding that present exchanges don't have to be done on Christmas day itself.

  postie24 19:02 06 Nov 2006

Forgot to mention winxx my birthdays 31st dec.It was hard for my mum to fork out for two pressies.Cdstowe.s idea above is worth considering.Hope it all works out for you.

  lisa02 19:05 06 Nov 2006

Do odd jobs for people.

That's what I did. Anything duiring the year I had to save half the money before my parents would buy me it, they paid half and I paid half. I mowed lawns, went to shops for people, saved my pocket money and did extra chores for my parents and grandparents.

£250 to £300 is better budget.

  Winxx 19:10 06 Nov 2006

Well im shocked by the replies here, thanks everyone who has posted.

ive read it all and i think i might have a plan.

my bday is 20th of dec, and i know people are pennyless because of christmas but i could rake in about £80. and add that to £200, there you go!

so now, any links for around £280?

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