Im getting worried - Strange noise

  Mad Boy 19:52 11 Dec 2003

Ok, every so often i hear this loud click sound (even when im away from my pc). Its not the kind of click noise i would expect to hear, but i think something in my computer is sending some kind of information out (noise only occurs when connected to the internet. Now i dont think its a virus or trojan because i scanned and all is clear. I even wrote a program to view all running processes (like a task list) and i cant see anything running out of the ordinary. Could something be in my computer and sending out information? Maybe a port scanner or something, but im sure something has been dumped on my pc, but cant figure out what, if it has. Maybe im looking too far into this, im just concerned over this noise.

All help is truly appreciated :)

  hugh-265156 20:25 11 Dec 2003

erm... where does the sound come from,case or speakers?and how do you hear it "even when im away from my pc"?

  Mad Boy 20:29 11 Dec 2003

From the speakers (as far as i know). If volume is down, the noise is still down. When i mean away from the pc, i meant not using it, say if im watching TV in the same room or something

  Pesala 21:08 11 Dec 2003

Some of the AMD ads make some funny noises. It had me going for a while. I thought someone was knocking on the radiator downstairs.

  PurplePenny 21:13 11 Dec 2003

Yep - fooled me too, it was a while before I realised that the knocking noises were synchronised with the logos marching around the advert! Now one of the ads makes a whooshing noise (at least I hope its an ad....).


  Mad Boy 21:14 11 Dec 2003

No, i dont often come here anymore. Always too busy programming

  hugh-265156 00:12 12 Dec 2003

what is the computer doing at the time you hear the noise?

in this forum and many other sites as mentioned above,when you click the browser back/forward/refresh buttons for instance then you will hear a click.

adverts/pop ups behind open window also produce clicks.

if you want to check for adware/spyware etc then try running both adaware and spybot click here click here

  Mad Boy 20:56 12 Dec 2003

I have Spybot S&D for my spware detection. It cant be the internet i dont think as the noise will occur when im not connected to the internet. The noise occurs when im idle from the pc, i dont think its any app i have open that could cause the noise. Im really baffled here. I cant explain any more here, the computer i am running is:

Win98 SE
128.0Mb Ram
12Gb HD
566Mhz Intel Celeron Processor
56k V90 Connexant fax modem


  hugh-265156 00:05 13 Dec 2003

bit of a long shot this and im not familiar with win 98.i have xp.have a look in:

in xp its start/control panel/sounds and audio devices/sounds

in win 98 it may be start/settings/control panel/sounds/schemes not sure though

under "program events" or similar there should be a list of sounds assoiated with each event.

try to find one that sounds like the sound you are hearing and note the event its assoiated with maybe?

  Mad Boy 17:29 06 Feb 2004

Its been weeks and i think i might of discovered the problem. Could it be Zone Alarm Pro hiding my IP to certain sites or something?

  nick_j007 17:46 06 Feb 2004


Might be a static interference type noise? You know, fridge clicks in...PC goes 'click'.

Just a thought from a non- expert.

I recently trawled the whole upper floor of my house looking for a broken connection to the lighting circuit in my bathroom. I could find no faults so eventually called in the electrician who immediately went to the shaver socket (didn't think to look there!) and he found a loose wire :-(
How annoyed was I?!


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