I'm doing lousy correcting my OE 7 + DBX's

  Dmiles 13:03 12 Jan 2009

Just haven't got the power of being attentive when reading about my dbx transfering, it all seems so involved ???

Win XP Pro. My email is working perfectly and I have the usual folders about 5 in all. Reading and sending at the speed of light.

A while ago I upgraded my hard drive quite successfully but I lost all my extra folders with the email in, about 14 in all.

I found them all and transfered them to a new file in my C drive under the name of OE backup, and there they sit.

I would like to re-install them where they belong but when I go to tools/account/import.... I get a box which invites me to (I think) save ".iaf's"

Could some kind person guide me in the right direction ?

  lotvic 00:22 13 Jan 2009

You need to choose to Import 'messages'

  Dmiles 05:57 13 Jan 2009

Thank you Lotvic for helping but,
How do I import "Messages" ?

  Gongoozler 07:28 13 Jan 2009

I'm not familiar with OE7, but this works with OE6

Open OE. Select Tools - Options - Maintenance - Store Folder. You now know where the working DBX files are kept. In Windows Explorer navigate to that folder and simply overwrite the DBX files there with your backed up ones. A word of caution though. All your new emails will be lost, so if you want to keep them, then before doing any transferring, in OE create new folders and move all your emails into them. This will create new DBX files with different names, so they will not be overwritten.

  DieSse 11:47 13 Jan 2009

"How do I import "Messages" ?"

In Outlook xpress - go to File - Import - Messages

- and follow the wizard - import from the folder you created, not from the dbx files themselves.

  Dmiles 12:45 13 Jan 2009

Many thanks to all of you for sorting out my problems.
I read and followed all instructions along with the click here kb/270670/en-us/

I tried the MS support paper because my OE is 7 and everything appears to relate to OE6 !

However, it all works for OE 6 and 7.

Many thanks once again Derek Miles.

  brundle 16:05 13 Jan 2009

There is no OE7 - if you're using XP, you have Outlook Express 6, even if you've installed Internet Explorer 7.

  Dmiles 16:20 13 Jan 2009

Thank you Brundle, I stand corrected.
Kindest regards Derek Miles.

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