I'm buying a new home PC?

  mavers 21:06 18 Nov 2003

I'm considering a medium spec from Mesh or Dell any concerns with products from those companies?

  Pesala 21:47 18 Nov 2003

If you're concerned about long term support and service you could take a look at the Supplier Profiles here for Mesh and Dell
click here

Mesh PCs seem to come top in the PC Advisor reviews, whereas Dell PCs are nowhere to be seen. This may indicate that Mesh go for high performance/price ratio, while Dell concentrate on customer service.

I'm happy with my Evesham Quest PC. Evesham pricing is competitive and the service was good when my PC had a problem after 11 months. They replaced the motherboard. It was a return to base warranty.

  Rickyv 21:53 18 Nov 2003

I have had 2 Mesh pc's and have been delighted with both of them. They are still going strong and comprise all good quality parts. My only gripe was that the last one (last year) was delivered 2 days later than they told me!!

Hope that helps..

  GrahamP 22:38 18 Nov 2003

At one time Dell's motherboards, cases and power supplies were proprietary ie you couldn't replace them with an industry standard product. This meant, for example, replacing the PSU would cost £75 for the spare part alone against £25 for a standard ATX power supply.

I've no idea if this still applies to Dell's current offerings but it would be wise to ask if they are ATX compatible.

  wee eddie 22:39 18 Nov 2003

also that the Help Lines may be shut for a considerable period of time over the Holiday Season, unless it's based in India, of course.

  GrahamP 22:44 18 Nov 2003

Also just noted this post

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Several of the big manufacturers, Packard Bell for example, and obviously from this post Mesh, do not provide you with an original operating system CD.
While in theory they provide the equivalent in either a hidden partition or a "Restore CD"., you may find some parts of XP missing.

So there is another question to ask.

Do they provide an original Windows CD.

  tlr 23:44 18 Nov 2003

I have just built mine, with help from this very forum, with a brand new copy of XP from ebay. It was the spec I wanted with the componants I wanted and the final cost was in the same region as the likes of Mesh etc the only downside is a lack of support or warranty should it all go 'Pete Tong' but the satisfaction of sitting back and saying 'I made that' is the dogs dangly bits

  Alan2 00:50 19 Nov 2003

I have had a Dell Dimension for 5 years now and am very satisfied with it. In that time I have upgraded to WinXP, fitted extra RAM, installed two HDDs, a USB 2.0 PCI card and a CD R/W drive.

Getting advice on the choosing of all these things and getting them to work properly has entailed many threads and posts on this forum and I am very grateful for all the very helpful advice. But it has also given me the confidence to seriously consider a self-build in the very near future.

So I would echo tlr and recommend you consider it too.

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