I'm buying a new computer; which gfx card??

  SLNevitt 18:09 09 Mar 2010

Hi there everyone, I'm about to buy a new computer since my old one is broken and decided I want a nice good one; especially for newish games and the like. I'm building it myself (with the help of my brother) but I want advice from other people so I know I'm getting the best possible deal!
So anyway, at this point I'm just unsure which graphics card I should buy.
If it is a necessary bit of information, I plan to buy this CPU:

The Q9400 Quad Core.

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Now regarding graphics, I was going to buy this:

Gainward Geforce 9800GT 1GB GDDR3

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To which I later found this one which I believe is the 'next step up' regarding Nvidia graphics cards (I'm not fully sure so please don't hesitate to correct me!)

Gainward GeForce GT 240 "Golden Sample" 512MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

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So in your professional opinions...which one should I buy?

Thank you very much.


  Devil Fish 00:00 10 Mar 2010

what sort of budget are we looking at for the whole machine ?

  SLNevitt 00:19 10 Mar 2010

Roughly low to middle £600ish - For games remember :) And that 600 will include the monitor as well as case, RAM etc etc etc - the only thing not included is ANY software or OS's - I'll deal with that separately :)

  SLNevitt 00:22 10 Mar 2010

...but I do intend to spend a maximum of £100 I think on the GFX...if I get that CPU that is.

  Kevscar1 11:57 10 Mar 2010

1GB Ram and that graphics card are not going to be able to play the latest games. If I remember rightly 2GB was the min rec for Vista, no idea what it is for Windows 7

  SLNevitt 14:27 10 Mar 2010

No no you got it wrong! It's the graphics card that has 1GB on it, I plan to get 4GB RAM :)

  Kevscar1 19:26 10 Mar 2010

Sorry due to certain things happening I,m getting confused lately. I would go for the later card GT240 and if you can afford it 1Gb version.

  donki 10:01 11 Mar 2010

Is it an Nvidia card you are definitely after?
Just yesterday I upgraded my 8800GTS to a ATI 4870 1GB, my 8800 was good but the ATI is so much better. I picked it up off Ebay for £100, sealed in box. I am running COD4, Fallout and Mass Effect on full the card doesn't even cough!

Handy benchmarking tool that lists GFX cards by rank.

click here

  SLNevitt 11:53 11 Mar 2010

Thanks for the help guys :)

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