I'm 55.I Want To Create A Website To My Late Mum.

  Big L 266 11:14 13 Oct 2009


I'm 55 now and have no idea of how to create a website.I want to do one and dedicate it to my late Mum who died of medical neglect.I want upload the local newspapers front pages which reported it,along with the reports and investigations by the NHS trusts, two Ombudsman enquiries and G.M.C. into Mums death. I would also want to put photos of the GP who caused Mums death (already in the public domain), and also of my Mum herself. I effectively want the world to know what happened back in 2002 now that the case has been closed and which I won on Mums behalf.

I have no idea where to go or what to do to bring this proposed website alive. Can you please help me do this even if it takes a long time to do.

Thank you very much for your very kind help. It will be greatly appreciated.

  wdfortyplus 14:37 14 Oct 2009

Dear Big L,
when I was shown how to change a colour of writing or background in a webpage....that caught my interest into HOW DO I DO THAT? I started out from this resource below:

click here

Then I went onto buy books and learn at my own pace. Best thing to do is trial and error. Have fun testing things out and changing font styles and colours and so on. Be comfortable about your progress and enjoy learning it.

This is a starting point. HTML =(hyper text mark up language. Feel comfortable with starting with this then progress from there. It is quite an experience learning something on your own.

I'm still learning myself.

Couple of books references also:
JavaScript a beginners guide by John Pollock.

How to do everything with HTML & XHTML by James H. Pearce.

The website link...follow it through and print off what is needed. GOODLUCK and ENJOY the learning!!!

  Darkie80 11:51 15 Oct 2009

Well, I second what has been said by the previous respondent and would like to add that building the webpage just half of the deal. You will eventually need to put your site on the web. There are several ways to accomplish this, of which one is more time-consuming, but cheaper, whereas the second will cost you a bit, but it is quick and easy. If you feel like you want to construct everything from scratch, you should first refer to the previous post, visit the proposed website (which is very good, IMO), visit other web development tutorials, like click here, and build your site step by step. Then you can look for a free hosting and upload your site there. The main disadvantage of a free hosing service is that you cannot usually have a unique domain name and suffer from extensive sponsor ads on your website. In case you want to avoid this, you may choose an affordable hosting and buy a domain name, which is recommended if you are interested in people memorizing your site's address and forwarding others to it. Finally, the last way to build a simple site is going for an online website builder. These guys usually provide you with hosting space, allow you to choose your own domain name right on the spot and, most importantly, give you site-building tools for beginners, which spare you of the need to learn html/CSS/Javascript. Having a site in such a system may cost £2-5 a month, depending on the package you select. Google for online website builders, see what they offer and select the most suitable one.
Consider the options I've described in this post and good luck!

  Big L 266 13:00 15 Oct 2009

Thank you very much to both of you for your very kind help. I will weigh up the pros and cons of website creation and will make a decision soon as to what path I wish to follow. I have to confess that I came to computers late in life and learning new, and probably complex computer languages, is I believe beyond my capabilities. I will nonetheless have a look and see if my limited knowledge extends to the technical stuff.

I really am most obliged to you for your kindness.

Big L 266

  tims31 08:59 09 Dec 2009

Hi Again Big L 266...we chat again :)

Agree with all the advice here, its just a matter of how quickly you want to publish the site or if you are also looking at this in a project/learning view.

If you want to publish a site quickly and have minimal interaction then a site builder is your best option. However, if you are looking at this from a longer term project and using it as a way of learming then getting a book and following if through is a good way to start. Your local library is a good resource and books can be ordered through their website. I have found the 'Learn in 24 Hours' series of books very informative.

There are also many great websites which run tutorials on how to get started and run you through the basics and if you get stuck you are already at a great place for advice.

  andyref 16:25 31 Dec 2009

Big L , I hope you do well with your website building for your late mum .

  Big L 266 18:07 31 Dec 2009


I've been playing around with Yahoo Sitebuilder which should be easy enough even for me to use.I don't quite always understand how it works though which doesn't help.I've downloaded a picture of Mum and the GP who was responsible for her death from medical neglect.These were easy to do.

Even worse are trying to get the four different newspaper headlines condensed down small enough to stand out and fit the boxes.As the GP will have major prominence in this website,I have problems scanning the newspaper headlines down to scale.

The hardest bit is getting a retype done of all the reasons from various reports over six years which highlight why my Mum died of medical neglect.I did try scanning in reports but they only came out in different sizes when I transferred them.In the main,the print was so small,they couldn't be read properly.Even worse,I can't hide the other party involved as the GP was also responsible for the death of a young person.

If I can't work out how to do this properly,then I will abandon the project and perhaps pay for a professional to do it instead.Either way,it will be done.It is not as easy for me because I'm unskilled.

I'm sure I'll get there in the end. I really do want the whole world to know about my Mum and how she came to die at the hands of an incompetent GP.

Thank you.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:12 02 Jan 2010

If yes, take a photo of the headlines, instead of scanning, and transfer it to your hard drive as an image!

  Forum Editor 09:15 02 Jan 2010

about my Mum and how she came to die at the hands of an incompetent GP."

Be very careful indeed. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because something has been published in a newspaper it is true, or that you may freely publish a copy of it on a website. If you want to reproduce newspaper articles on the web you must first obtain the paper's consent, and you must satisfy yourself that you are not publishing a libel. If a newspaper libels someone and you publish the article on your site you are also libelling that person, and may find yourself in court.

It isn't right to make the assumption that because a photograph is published in a newspaper it is in the public domain. The person who took the photograph (or his/her employer) owns copyright in the image, and you may not reproduce it without written consent.

I do not know the facts about your mother's case, and this isn't the place for you to publish them, so please understand that I'm advising you in general terms.

Unless you have concrete and incontrovertible evidence of a doctor's incompetence you must not make the allegation publicly.

I can understand your desire to share your story out to "the whole world" as you put it, but please understand that the whole world might not be as interested as you are. That isn't to say that you shouldn't proceed - you have a right to publish the site if you wish. I'm simply sounding a note of caution, and a reminder that it's a good idea to reflect carefully before taking the plunge.

  Big L 266 12:16 04 Jan 2010

I am much obliged to you for your kindness and suggestions.I will contact the newspaper concerned and ask to reproduce the picture of the GP.I would never publish details in here about the events.This is a fine magazine and forum in which I hold in the highest esteem and the greatest of respect for many years now.I can tell you I have concrete and incontrovertible evidence of GP incompetences.I take on board your suggestions of libel but I will go ahead eventually and publish and promote the site worldwide in 2010.I look forward to the challenge ahead.

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