Illegal ops

  Pidder 18:29 12 Dec 2003

Hi all. I have Win 98SE. I am getting a lot of illegal operation messages, indicating a page fault in Kernel 32.DLL. I have run Scandisc a number of times, which finds and corrects errors, but makes no difference. I have the Windows C.D. Would it be best to obtain 32.DLL from a web site and re-install it, or should I try re-installing the operating system over the top of the present installation. What do folks advise? Thanks.

  johnnyrocker 19:08 12 Dec 2003

seems to be a dead link mate.


  Pidder 20:16 12 Dec 2003

Thanks both. I have printed your instructions and will give it a go.

  recap 20:21 12 Dec 2003

SFC explained just click here

  Pidder 10:53 13 Dec 2003

Hi folks, I have looked at your links and run SFC. It has found the following dll files possibly corrupt. setupx, mscat32, mssign32, cryptui, cryptnet, mssip32, cryptext, msoss. The CD lists the following program file dlls - kpapi32, kpcp32, kpsys32. None of it seems to add up. My Epson printer is connected via the parallel lead and on first use I often get the illegal op message. On re-booting it usually works o.k. I don't want to mess up completely, and can probably find work-arounds. Any suggestion? Thanks. P.

  Pidder 10:56 13 Dec 2003

I forgot to say, when the printer doesn't work it seems to be something to do with Spool 32.

  Pidder 11:39 13 Dec 2003

Thanks, willdo.

  Pidder 11:36 14 Dec 2003

AndySD. Thanks for your help. Printer seems to be sorted. I'm thinking about the SFC results, might be best to leave alone and use work-arounds. Much obliged. P.

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