Illegal operation messages

  cottager 22:05 16 May 2003

I am using a notebook with Win 98 SE and have started getting a great many "this programme has performed an illegal operation" messages. The only new thing installed recently is an update to AVG antivirus programme. There is bags of room still on the 20Gb HD and the 256 memory seems ample, so what is causing the messages? Also the Xerox printer I use will suddenly decide that it isn't connected to my notebook even though it was printing away happily moments before.

  VoG™ 22:11 16 May 2003

Does this happen with particular programs, or "at random"?

  cottager 23:04 16 May 2003

At random times. For example I was using PSP 7 this afternoon, made all the changes I wanted and was tinkering around for a good hour and had saved the image I was working on but then decided to print and up popped the message. After several attempts I closed the notebook down left it for a few minutes, rebooted and brought the image back up and printed no problems. All very frustrating!

  VoG™ 23:17 16 May 2003

I think it might be time for the dreaded Format and Re-install click here BUT please wait for (at least) a second opinion.

  woodchip 23:21 16 May 2003

Try SFC first from the Run Box. Put your Win98 in comp and Go to Start\run type SFC press enter and run the program

  cottager 22:34 17 May 2003

I rather thought it might come to that. It seems to me that some files have become corrupted along the way.
Woodchip, I can't do as you suggest as Win 98 came preinstalled so I shall have to do a reformat using the recovery disk. An absolute pain as there is so much to reinstall and there is always something you forget until you come to use it!!!
Many thanks both.

  spices 09:16 18 May 2003

Re formatting is the only answer to your problem. Unfortunately Win 98 can be a bit 'twitchy'. I can only reiterate previous comments. Make sure that you have all driver software etc (and obviously system cd as well).
Remember to take notes of your email preferences ie pop.3 server etc etc.

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