illegal copy of xp

  leejohnmartin 16:52 07 Mar 2009

hi i have bought a latop out of the local paper it now states it is an xp illegal copy can i return the system back to windows 95/98 as it does have this key on the rear also i have no disk supplied it is a toshiba satelitte pro

  rdave13 17:00 07 Mar 2009

Try running Belarc first. It will show you the XP licence key. It might just be a glitch or it might be illegal of course. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 07 Mar 2009

You could report the seller to MS as a pirate

or just reload the correct op system for the key on the machine

or load Linux on it.

  leejohnmartin 17:09 07 Mar 2009

sounds silly question can i download a legal copy of 95/98 as i have akey or do i need to buy a new set

  mgmcc 17:15 07 Mar 2009

The seller should have provided you with the Toshiba Recovery discs with which to reinstall the original operating system and all of the necessary drivers - graphics, audio, modem, network adapter etc. Can you contact him/her to obtain these?

  laurie53 17:23 07 Mar 2009

Sorry to increase the gloom, but have you thought it may be a nicked laptop?

If it is you will have no legal title.

  rdave13 17:30 07 Mar 2009

It's all ifs and buts. See what belarc shows you then contact Microsoft UK with your problem.

  rdave13 17:31 07 Mar 2009

Forgot contac info; click here

  jack 17:32 07 Mar 2009

and assuming laurie53 has not frightened you to death- but a point worth making nonetheless.
The best way out of this is to click on the 'Illegal' warning and have your flexible friend to the ready.
You will be mailed a 'proper' disk.

  leejohnmartin 17:35 07 Mar 2009

i cant contact him as i have lost the phone number i met him halfway between our homes how silly of me, i didnt even think it could have been nicked i hope it wasnt,what do i do now ie about the operating system

  Forum Editor 17:42 07 Mar 2009

Others have advised on the options - you can either contact Microsoft and arrange to buy a licence from them, wipe the present operating system and reinstall Windows 98, or install Linux.

If the laptop has a Windows 98 licence sticker on the back it's going to be a pretty old machine in any case.

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