I'll never understanding this ZIP stuff

  neil_raj 15:34 15 Nov 2007

Why is life so complicated..... give me a beach life anyday?

Downloading UIF files, ISO files, ZIP files. You think it's a simple process (for you maybe) but not for me. After downloading this particular file; and before hand (like most) you never know what file format you're gonna get until you download it; it contains 6 ZIP folders each totalling the 480MB of the program. When I use WinZip to open the contents of the first folder (none are numbered - no idea what to open first) it's asking me to insert the disk.... what?

When after downloading ZIP I have managed to open the odd ZIP file, a mass of files appear in the list.... I look for the .exe file to open (and hopefuly install/run it) but I guess that's just too easy.

I look online for a UIF tutorial after downloading a program that was a UIF extension; Magic ISO was recomended, great I thought! How wrong was I..... It asked to browse for the host file.... no worries I found that..... then it asked for it's destination folder.... it found this by default..... fab/great/top notch..... NO WAY..... after 20 minutes watching a progress/percentage box the punchline came..... Was unable to complete end user process.... No I wasn't surprised?

Now no doubt their are some out there who will know exactly what to do with these ZIP/UIF/ISO and God knows what else files appear after download..... But when you see 6 ZIP files with no idea which/what/where/howto approach getting the program on the hard drive... the life on the beach cannot come soon enough!

Thanks for listening as I now go to ram loads and loads of paper down the toilet.... ciao.

  Graham. 17:57 15 Nov 2007

If this is a program you are downloading, what is it? Can you give a link?

  Marko797 20:20 15 Nov 2007

Without knowing what ur trying to open:

I think zip & iso are quite different.
zip/rar/7-zip are compressed files to the best of my knowledge.

I've had probs opening some rar that needed winzip, and vice versa. 7-zip only seem to open if u use 7-zip. All are free (google them), albeit some might be evaluation versions, but enough to open ur files. Whichever type they are, u can try to extract, like any zip type file.

Take the 1st file from your collective listing, and try n unzip that. This seems to be the main file u would need. Don't go unzipping all the others or u'll end up with loads of junk. If it won't unzip, u either need to try other progs, such as 7-zip, or rar, or winzip, or indeed iso.

With iso, which can also appear to be 'zipped', u need iso software. These files might be indicated by the suffix daa.for example. Rt clicking a rar might show iso properties, so in this case u need something like poweriso, or even daemon tools. U then need to mount this in a virtual drive (poweriso/daemon tools) and then run the prog from there.

UIF - haven't got a clue.

Hope this goes some way to helping.

  neil_raj 00:28 16 Nov 2007

Okies..... didn't know the WinZip evaluation would not open certain files, but I have Winrar, can I unZip with that even though it's a WinZip file. I will try 7-Zip; heard of that.

But.... But.... But..... When the Zip file opens, from the long list of files that appear, what the heck do I open first? Always thought I had to look for a .exe file to run/install the program?

Sort of understand UIF files and what to do with them? Although a recent attempt to decompress a file in that format with the wizard that appeared to help somewhat nearly made what to leave this planet altogether!

I very very rarely download stuff, but when I do I sometimes wish I hadn't bothered, you never know what you're gonna get, usually trojans embedded in them, what's funny is that I can delete them, but I can't open the damn file.

Anyway's, I'll give winrar and 7-Zip a bash and I'll read more about Magic ISO to use with UIF files, if you don't here from me soon, I'll have given up this P2P stuff and flushed myself down the loo.

Best wishes

Neil unzipped, compressed and confused.com

  Marko797 09:35 16 Nov 2007

some will open with winzip, others with winrar, or 7-zip. the clue is really in the instructions which u might receive; unzip, or unrar. It might then say 'mount' so u use a virtual drive - iso, daemon, alcohol etc.

Before u do any of this, rt click the rar/zip file, and scan with anti-v, and also anti-spyware to ensure file is clean. Then rt click again, and extract to where u want the files to be extracted to.

U shud then get the files to install, unless it's an iso u have extracted, so u then mount.

If u extract & u see the likes of mdf or mds files, then u will need a virtual drive to 'mount' them before u can install. Process, is , mount the image - detected by ur iso/daemon prog, then go to my computer, and explore the drive. The exe files etc will be shown.

  Marko797 09:39 16 Nov 2007

if u let us know what ur d/lding, and where from...so long as it's not illegal of course. A few more details might help us help u. Maybe provide a link to it.

  manrow 10:12 16 Nov 2007

You have my great sympathy. Some of my computer friends don't have a problem with zip, but I do as you have!

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