iLink/Firewire 800

  Stonechatz 21:33 13 Apr 2005

How and when may such a firewire card be used? Do I need an 800MHz FSB before I can take advantage of the iLink 800 at all?

  GrahamP 23:20 13 Apr 2005

A Firewire 800 (IEEE1394b) card should be backwards compatible with standard firewire devices but wouldn't give you the improved speed.

There are two connectors defined for it, only one of which (bilingual) will also accept the older connectors.

The 800 is Mbps = 60MBps and is independent of FSB speed.

This is all theory taken from Mueller's "Upgrading and Repairing PC's". I've no idea what's happening with it in the real world.

  GrahamP 23:21 13 Apr 2005

Oops, typo.

That should read:

The 800 is Mbps = 100MBps and is independent of FSB speed.

  Stonechatz 19:22 20 Apr 2005

... of the speed improvement at all?

  GrahamP 16:48 02 Jun 2005

Sorry it took so long to reply. I haven't been in for a while.

To take advantage of it you would need to attach an external device that was Firewire 800 capable.

Just google on Firewire 800 to see what's available. It mostly seems to be external harddrives eg click here

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