iiyama Prolite E435S Monitor

  cagey 12:38 06 Oct 2006

I have just come back from a two week holiday. When I connected and switched on my computer and monitor, the screen on the monitor has a pink hue to it. When I press the AUTO SETUP button on the monitor the picture is correct whilst the Auto set-up logo is on the screen, but as soon as it disappears it returns to the pinkish hue. I have checked all the connections. Can anyone help please.

  cagey 14:40 06 Oct 2006

Any suggestions please??

  cagey 20:49 06 Oct 2006

Are you sure there is no one who can help me?

  Technotiger 21:05 06 Oct 2006

Hi, this might give you a clue or two.

click here


  namtas 21:49 06 Oct 2006

Have you tried deguassing the monitor? it may help.

  cagey 22:15 06 Oct 2006

namtas--it's a TFT monitor not a CRT, therefore I don't think you can degauss.
Technotiger---didn't resolve anything. What puzzles me is that when I press the Auto button the colours are correct for the period the set-up logo is on the screen.
I'm going to try the monitor on another computer, will let you know the result.

  namtas 22:42 06 Oct 2006


  cagey 22:52 06 Oct 2006

Have tried the monitor on another computer and got the same problem. I also noticed that when I switch the monitor ON the Auto set-up logo appears on the screen for about 5 secs. I have phoned Iiyama Helpline, only for them to tell me that they don't support this model anymore and gave me a number which I can't get an answer from. I will try this number again tomorrow. In the meantime if anyone else can help, please post a response?

  harry1888 23:13 06 Oct 2006

I assume its over 3 years old? If not it should be covered by iiyama's warranty if you still have the original receipt. Over 3 years old? Start looking for a new monitor, the symptoms sound terminal and would cost more to fix than a new one IMO. No harm in getting a quote I suppose.

  Peter 23:21 06 Oct 2006


If the monitor colours are correct when you use the Auto setup button, then perhaps the video card is at fault.

As you have already writen, try the monitor on another computer, or even better, try another monitor on your computer.


  cagey 23:21 06 Oct 2006

harry1888-- No, i bought the monitor in March 2005 and still have the receipt, so it is still under iiyama's warranty, but as I stated in my previous posting, iiyama doesn't support this model any more. Will try the telephone number they gave me again tomorrow.

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