IIs there a difference between Download/browsing

  Hetti 09:53 10 Jun 2010

Im looking to change or upgrade my Broadband /TV/ Phone package.
Im with Virgin media at the moment, and have spoken to Sky, they gave me a cheaper price than VM I phoned VM told them abt the offer, the chap I was talking to then went on to tell me "Syy broadband is not very good they also limit your acsess, This is what I want to ask here the chap stated "Every page you use whilst browsing the internet is classed as a download" and as he had my usage in front of him he said I would exceed the limit within days!!
I understood Download meant music/film files ect. can anyone here clear this up for me.

  Im a diddy 10:04 10 Jun 2010

When using mobile broadband, browsing comes out of your data useage ie 1GB or tho not alot,not sure if a fixed line connection is the same but would presume so.Heres a link to average data useage
click here
Not a Sky user either but refers to unlimited on this link
click here
I would clarify with sky the unlimited or maybe the guy was trying to close the deal at vm.

  T I M B O 10:05 10 Jun 2010

Most ISP's have what's called a fair usage policy. Some ISP's have different caps or the amount you can download, or some like 02 will tell you they don't have a cap at all, but if you read the small print they do. If you are into downloading films & music & i assume this is all legal, then yes you can go way beyond the fair amount of bandwidth. If however you are using torrent sites, then your ISP may send you a latter of warning.

I am in the 100 gig bracket a month because of the web sites i do, it's only if i go beyond that my ISP gets upset lol

When you browse any web site, you are also downloading them so that you can view them.

  T I M B O 10:08 10 Jun 2010
  Hetti 10:48 10 Jun 2010

I dont download music or film
I do however have three PCs all using the internet two of them all day long (none of them downloading music of films) only a few files for family history.
VM say my usage is VERY high so they must class browsing the samr as downloading unless Im missing something.

  Wuggy 12:22 10 Jun 2010

Hetti, it depends on which package you are looking to buy from Sky. At the moment they seem to have only 2 packages, the first with 'up to' 20Mb download speed but limited to 2GB useage allowance and the second again 'up to' 20 Mb download speed but with unlimited useage. Firstly, your download speed will depend almost exclusively on how far away you are from your telephone exchange, called line attenuation. Quite simply the further away you are, the more the signal degrades and the slower the speed. If you have a cable connection with Virgin then attenuation is not a problem and you will have good speed even if a distance from the exchange.
Secondly, limits are placed on useage not just 'downloads' so any 'uploads' from your PC are calculated into your useage. When browsing you are constantly uploading and downloading data, sending requests for information and then downloading that information in the form of a web page. Many web pages contain a lot of data including pictures, adverts, video clips etc so a couple of hours 'browsing' can bump up your useage by two or three hundred MB or more. As far as I know all ISP's calculate based on 'useage' rather than download.
From my own experience I can tell you that Sky's Unlimited package is what it says - unlimited useage. The other package is metered but there is no useage meter in place for unlimited.
I currently am on Sky's unlimited package. I have a line attenuation of 24DB (which is quite low and lower equals faster) and my router syncs with the exchange at 16.6Mbps. Even connecting wirelessly to a router on the end of 2 daisy chained extensions from the master socket I still have a throughput of 12 to 13 Mbps or approx. 1.6MB per second. The 2 'up to' 20 Mb packs are dependent on Sky having their own equipment in your exchange, known as LLU. You can check if your exchange is LLU'd at Sam Knows click here
One thing to be aware of is to steer clear of Sky's Connect package at all costs. It is just about the worst service going. It is only available in non LLU areas and is rented bandwidth from BT which is massively oversubscribed with connections throttled in the evening to sometimes less than 'dial up' speeds.

  wiz-king 12:32 10 Jun 2010

You have to download everything from the internet to see it! Even the humble e-mail is a download.

  chub_tor 12:55 10 Jun 2010

If it resides permanently on your pc after you switch off, whether it is in the form of email, pages you can watch off line, cached pictures or updates etc. then it has been downloaded. If it doesn't remain on your pc then you have merely browsed it. At least that's how I see it.

  Hetti 13:54 10 Jun 2010

Right Guys
I got it, thats it explained very clearly, looks like I stay where Iam and upgrade at a higher cost as I dont want to be worrying abt my useage, also looks like my speed will suffer if i go SKY.
Thanks so much for putting me straight

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