Ignoring minus figures in excel after subtraction

  tims31 21:21 09 Oct 2008

Please help with this formula problem, its driving me nuts.

I am trying to do a formula in excel 2007 which subtracts this months total mileage from last months and puts the result in another cell. In the Oct cell the figure is obviously a minus as no figure is added yet so that shows as a minus which I have managed to ignore but if I put the data into a chart it shows a bar of however much the minus figure is.

Is there a way of ignoring this minus figure in the unused cells so it doesn't show on the bar chart?

The formula for the subtraction is =SUM(B12-B11)
I have tried =SUMIF(B12-B11,">0") but this comes up with an error.

Please help!!!!!!

Thanks in advance

  VoG II 21:54 09 Oct 2008



  JPJBozo 13:19 10 Oct 2008

If I remember right if you use the IF function you have to supply an alternative answer such as =IF(B12-B11>0,1,0), in your case after >0, the numbers would be what you want.

  tims31 22:50 10 Oct 2008

Sorry guys, but neither of those worked. It worked out the mileage correctly but the negative value still shows on the chart. After much playing around though I worked out that the axis can be moved to the zero value to ignore any minus figures.

Thanks for you help though.


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