If this is your first attempt at web design

  Forum Editor 07:52 16 Sep 2003

and it obviously is, you would be best advised to use the free server space provided by your ISP. Virtually all of them (ISPs) provide this space, and usually there's far more than you'll need - you can get a very respectable web site inside 5 or 6Mb.

Most 'proper' web hosts provide various packages - the smallest of which always has at least 20 or 30Mb of space, but you will need your own domain name to use this service.

You'll consume virtually no bandwidth, because virtually nobody will be looking at your first site (aside from you, and perhaps us), so that will not be a worry. Bandwidth rises as more and more people visit your site and download pages - even more is consumed by image-rich sites, or those with files for download (PDFs etc.)

The best way to start web designing is.......to start web designing. Dive in and have a go. All of us made a bit of a mess of the first site we designed, but the more you do it the more you learn. Keep it very simple, and you'll be fine. Good luck, and let us have a look at your work when it's online.

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