If you want to delete something

  Forum Editor 18:32 18 Nov 2003

in your server space, do it via FTP. I know that you have the correct permissions on the server because I've checked, and as you know, I've deleted quite a few superfluous directories from your space myself. If you try to view your site in Internet Explorer now you'll see that I've made it work, but you won't see any of the images. That's because I moved your page called index.html outside the folder you created called 'html'so the browser finds it.

The problem with your site is that you are not publishing an index page (called index.htm or index.html),correctly, and that's what a browser looks for. No index page, no site.

The best advice I can give you is that you start a completely new site - make sure you have a home page, and that the other pages link from it. NOF will do all that for you if you use one of its templates, and that's what I suggest that you do. To start with you don't need to add all the content - just add the blank pages and make sure that you have navigation buttons linking to them. Publish the blank site to the server, and only publish it once - don't publish several version, all to different directories, as was the case before. Let NOF do its job, and it will send the site to the server correctly - you don't need to change anything in FTP. Have a look at the server space now in FTP and you'll see what I've done.

When you're ready to publish let me know, and I'll remove what's there at the moment - that way things won't get confused.

Good luck, and for the benefit of those who might be wondering what all this is about - I've been working with holligan off-forum for a day or so, in an attempt to get
click here up and running. I know how frustrating it can be when you're working with software for the first time - especially when it's your first attempt at a web site. We'll get there.

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