If you have a NAS Drive on your Network

  wee eddie 14:01 15 Sep 2015

Do you have to do anything just before you unplug your laptop from the Network?

  Gordon Freeman 14:28 15 Sep 2015

Not sure what you mean...can you clarify?

  wee eddie 17:36 15 Sep 2015

Well, if you have an External Hard Drive/NAS Drive on your Network, directly connected to your Router via its Ethernet Port, and you have been accessing it recently.

Do you need to go down the "Safely Remove Hardware" route, before you remove your Laptop from the Network?

  alanrwood 20:24 15 Sep 2015

In a nutshell "No". A NAS box is an independent network device.

  wee eddie 22:01 15 Sep 2015

I've just seen a WD iCloud, which is an external hard Drive that's connected to the Router with an Ethernet Cable, so it's part of the Network. 3TB Drive is roughly the same price as an empty 2 Drive NAS.

What think you?

  alanrwood 09:41 16 Sep 2015

Sorry but no experience of WD iCloud devices so can't be definitive however if it is a NAS drive then it should be OK. What price are you looking at and where from.

  wee eddie 10:35 16 Sep 2015

At the resent, I'm planning, not buying

  Gordon Freeman 11:58 16 Sep 2015

I've got a 4tb WD MyCloud (had it for a couple of years) & it's excellent. Connects to router via ethernet. You then dl the free WD software which you can install on your laptop/desktop/smartfone and access all your content via those means. You can set up specific areas (Shares) & password protect if required.

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