If you have the Blaster Worm

  -pops- 13:58 15 Aug 2003

you are advised to take the following security steps to enable you to download the security update. The security update from Microsoft will lock off the ports that the virus is attacking.

Click on start >then Run > then type Services.MSC > When that opens up you need to scroll down the list to the top remote procedures call (RPC) > Right click on this and select properties > click on the recovery tab > you will see first failure > second failure > subsequent failures these will be set to restart as default. Change these boxes to "restart the service" then click "apply" and "ok". Close services.MSC.Then press Ctrl,Alt and Delete.Select Task manager and then the processes tab.Select MSBlast and then end process.This will "kill off" the process and allow you to then connect to the internet and download the patch.

Taken from the BT Status Line. I'm sure they won't mind me filching it. The patch is detailed in numerous other threads.

  MjM Hellfire 14:13 15 Aug 2003

Nice tip...cheers!

  Hallett 14:43 15 Aug 2003

Won't "System Restore" in XP get rid of the Blaster worm?

  carlos2001 15:07 15 Aug 2003

u cant use system restore on xp 2 get rid of the virus because it is a software package which is saved on ur system.
u need to go to click here and then download the patch.
also u can go to run> msconfig. open up the system dialog box and untick the 1 that says msblast.exe after u need 2 enable ur firewall by opening network connections in control panel and tick the box that provides the firewall in the advanced box.
come to think of it if u do a search for msblast.exe and right click > Properties u can change the compatability to Windows 95 because it wont work on that OP.

  ulti65 15:25 15 Aug 2003

Does this worm apply to win 98(I know I should update) I am using zone alarm as a firewall so do you think I am safe.

  -pops- 15:27 15 Aug 2003


  expertec 17:29 15 Aug 2003

Users of the following products could be affected by this worm:

Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0,

Microsoft Windows® 2000,

Microsoft Windows XP,

Microsoft Windows Server? 2003,

Your computer is not vulnerable to the Blaster worm if either of these conditions apply to you:

If you are using Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), or Windows Millennium (Windows Me).

If you downloaded and installed the security update that was addressed by Security Bulletin MS03-026 prior to August 11, the date the Blaster worm was discovered.

  PhiltheFragger 17:39 15 Aug 2003

If you have the virus, you will have great difficulty in getting online to read this thread.

Ironic isn't it

Thank god for second PC's with old operating systems

  ulti65 18:45 15 Aug 2003

I think I will stick with my old pc on 98 for now, I guess I am to old to bother with a virus .

  Socalled 19:58 15 Aug 2003

Also if your having problems getting updates for worm blaster. try here and scroll down to your system.........click here

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