If you email me

  Forum Editor 15:33 10 Sep 2004

over the coming weekend you may not see a response for several days. The company mail server (which is in America) is being upgraded, and the work will mean that the server is offline for lengthy periods over the whole weekend.

Please bear with me therefore - I'll answer all the mail as and when I can.

  rawprawn 15:50 10 Sep 2004

Thank you for telling us.

  mammak 20:43 10 Sep 2004

Thank you for letting us know FE.

  watchful 09:15 12 Sep 2004


  Forum Editor 17:16 13 Sep 2004

and I've received a great batch of it. I'll work my way through, so if you're waiting for a response please be patient a little longer.

  Forum Editor 10:54 18 Sep 2004

It can indeed be ticked off.

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