If Problem Is Solved -Please Tick Resolved

  holly polly 15:58 15 Sep 2003

hi can anyone who requests advice please ,when their problem is sorted ,get into the habit of ticking the thread resolved,on sign in i automatically check my postings for any updates ,it is becoming increasingly tiresome ,when you read the thread and the person who asked for help, as resolved the problem ,but hasn't bothered to tick the thread resolved ,you only know about this when you go to each posting and trawl your way through it all where as ticked resolved i know instantly and disregard it and move onto another -so please if your problem has been sorted please tick RESOLVED -gday to all -hol pol...

  Gaz 25 17:11 15 Sep 2003

I agree, Bump.

  Smiler 17:32 15 Sep 2003

Couldn't have put it better myself.

  john-232317 17:38 15 Sep 2003

I answered one, and never got a reply until i got an email one week later.

he had posted a question then gone on holiday ???

  pj123 18:07 15 Sep 2003

Been said many times before. Unfortunately, we can't make them tick as resolved. The thing that annoys me more than "no tick" are the threads that appear to have lots of answers but no feedback from the original poster. Where do they go? Like you, I always check "My Postings" first and then go to "Helproom" but I find there are loads of questions, with answers, but the original poster is nowhere to be seen?

  Kitz E Kat 18:15 15 Sep 2003

they get visited by aliens in the middle of the night, and that's it... gone....

Now holly polly , that i have resolved the issue you can tick it !!!!!

Kitz E Kat ;-)

  krypt1c 18:18 15 Sep 2003

And if there have been a number of suggestions to resolve the problem please indicate how the problem was resolved as this will help others with similar problems ;-)

  Terrahawk 18:28 15 Sep 2003

in an ideal world as they say, but Kitz E kat could be on to something there especialy with Mars being in such close orbit at the moment

  holly polly 18:48 15 Sep 2003

ok do not say you hhaven't been told -best wishes -hol pol...

  john-232317 12:11 16 Sep 2003

Maybe something like this post should remain at the top, to remind people ??

  only me 12:21 16 Sep 2003

ok i posted a question, was asked for more info, which i got, but have not received a reply, but cant see it on helpline, so how do peeps know i have prob.

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