If it aint broken, dont mend it (or sod it up).

  django47 01:05 11 Dec 2011

I used to really enjoy visiting places on google earth street view. I will never physically go to these places again, so the next beest thing was using street vieew in GE. But what the hell has happened to it. I manage to get a really crappy street view, but I cant get the streets I want.It was really good before, now it's a load of crap. Why the hell has it been downgraded.Why alter something that works well to something that doesn't. I liked GE(street view) a lot and I am going to miss it.

  muddypaws 08:37 11 Dec 2011

Have the same trouble as well. GE seems to have too many apps on it now. Google Maps works much smoother.

  lotvic 10:07 11 Dec 2011

Same here, gets distorted. Google Maps is better than Google Earth.

  django47 02:52 13 Dec 2011

Wow! Thanks for the tips. I didn't know you could get 'street view' on google maps. Is it like the same as before where you would select street view in the layers column bottom left. Then all these little cameras would be dotted across the map. Then double click the one you chose and you are zoomed right down to the road. Then you could navigate with your mouse and zoom in and out to the left or right and get really close up to a building or anything you want to see up close. Or just cruise along a road you haven't been to for years and see how it has changed,like shops and things you remember. I moved away from London about 20 years ago and the traffic situation puts me off returning, but I enjoyed cruisiing round my old manor(Islington/Hackney), with 'GE'and even though it was only on a screen, for me it was a truely nostalgic trip down memory lane. Must go and check out G' Maps, thanks folks, really appreciated

PS. have an excellent christmas and great new year.

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