If I was planning a Greek holiday

  Forum Editor 09:29 09 Nov 2003

I would undoubtedly book with your company. Your site reflects the enormous amount of hard work that you've invested, and I can see how much it's improved since we first saw it. Congratulations on a very professional site, I hope it brings in lots of business.

Having said that, I feel churlish in making a design point, but I feel I know you well enough by now to know that you won't be offended.

When reading the page text I was conscious of a certain amount of tension. This is very common, and it's the result of having to read long lines of text on the screen. If I were to advise you as a client I would suggest breaking the text into short columns or/and box-outs, such as you commonly see in magazines and newspapers. This technique relaxes a reader, and enables him/her to stray away from the content - perhaps to rest, or pause for thought, and then quickly relocate his/her position on the page - the layout provides visual aids to location. Your site necessarily contains a good deal of text, and you might give thought to breaking it into more easily digestible chunks.

Please don't get me wrong - it's fine as it is, and I appreciate that to change it now would probably not be an option - you have your peak booking season on your heels - but maybe later on you might experiment a little. I'll be happy to offer some more detailed advice at that time if you think it might help.

Good luck with the site - you thoroughly deserve it, you have created something to be proud of.

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