If I upgrade my RAM will my laptop run faster?

  DoanCare 00:25 22 Dec 2013

I have an Acer Aspire 5738 laptop which is currently running on 3GB of RAM and an Intel(R)Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T650 @ 2.10Ghz.

And I was wondering if upgrading the RAM to 8GB would make it run a little faster. I don't have the money right now to buy a brand new pc/laptop so is it a good choice to upgrade the ram now or to just wait till next year? I like video editing and rendering takes ages on this laptop so i thought if maybe upgrading the RAM will make a difference.

If upgrading the RAM is the right choice, could you also please help me out choose the right one. Thanks and oh, this laptops OS is Windows 7 Home Premium (64 Bit).

  rdave13 00:57 22 Dec 2013

When you say " Acer Aspire 5738" any other letters within the description? I ask as there appears to be various 5738 models. Some only supporting 4GB ram shared with the graphics. Some will support 8 GB ram. Whether its performance at upgrading the ram will be a benefit will be debatable.

  DoanCare 01:02 22 Dec 2013

OK. Nope, there are no letters.. it's just "Acer Aspire 5738/5338".

  DoanCare 01:04 22 Dec 2013

OK. Nope, there are no letters.. it's just "Acer Aspire 5738".

  rdave13 01:17 22 Dec 2013

All I can find is non specific, click here. It shows upgradable to 8 gig ram. For video editing, heavy on ram, you should see a benefit. Click here and click on middle left 'Two ways to find your upgrades'.

  DoanCare 01:28 22 Dec 2013

ok, thanks a lot :)

  Batch 10:11 22 Dec 2013

Iif you don't have enough memory, your PC will be swapping things backwards and forwards from disk and seriously slowing things down. Video editing and rendering is notoriously memory hungry, so an upgrade could well be in order.

If you start Task Manager and go to the Performance tab and see how much memory is being used (whilst you are video editing etc.). If it is around 3GB all the time you definitely need more memory. In fact I'd say you only don't need more memory if it is consistently below 2.5GB (or even 2GB).

Go here to find out your memory options: Crucial

  Secret-Squirrel 10:17 22 Dec 2013

"If I upgrade my RAM will my laptop run faster?"

Yes, but only if your laptop is using more memory than the installed RAM and the poor performance is caused by insufficient RAM.

You can quickly and easily test for this by opening up Task Manager then clicking the "Performance" tab then looking at the "Memory" bar graph bottom-left. Do this when you're using the PC for normal light tasks and when you're rendering a video. If it never reaches maximum then you'll be wasting your time and money by buying more RAM.

" I like video editing and rendering takes ages on this laptop...."

The CPU is the most important component when it comes to tasks like that. Unfortunately yours is quite slow by today's standards. It scores 1303 on cpubenchmark.net. If you're thinking of getting a new laptop then you can use that site to get the relative scores for the CPUs in the models you're looking at.

  LastChip 11:36 22 Dec 2013

Actually, no; it won't make any perceivable difference.

The bottom line is, the machine is not designed for fast video editing. My son has a significantly faster machine than yours, with 8GB of RAM and a SSD (solid state drive), and frankly, as far as video editing is concerned, it's adequate but disappointing. That said, it was designed for photo editing at which it excels.

You need to spend serious money for fast video editing, with the graphics card alone costing as much as a high end computer.

I wouldn't waste your money.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:40 22 Dec 2013

"Actually, no; it won't make any perceivable difference."

If the OP's laptop is using more memory than it's got, then yes, it will make a huge difference ;)

"You need to spend serious money for fast video editing, with the graphics card alone costing as much as a high end computer."

We first need to know what type of videos the OP is working with. For example, if they're relatively low-resolution ones to be uploaded to YouTube then an average mid-range laptop will be more than adequate.

  Forum Editor 16:12 22 Dec 2013

Laptops are far from ideal when it comes to video editing.

You'll need to run your machine on mains power, because your battery will not stay the course if you're doing any serious editing work.

Based on the assumption that you'll be editing HD video the absolute minimum requirement for Ram is 8GB, and that's only just going to be workable - 16GB would be far more comfortable.

You'll really need a screen resolution of 1980 x 1080 and a 15" screen as a minimum.

Your GPU should be an nVidia GTX 660M or better with at least 1GB of DDR5 memory.

Your CPU should be a quad core i7 processor, preferably with hyper-threading.

Adding more RAM to your laptop will certainly improve matters, but that alone is not going to be enough if the other components are not up to the mark.

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