If I bought a laptop how do I go wireless outside my house?

  pcgranny 15:55 02 Aug 2012

If I make a statement can someone say if it is correct or not:-

I have a home computer at the moment an was thinking of buying a buget laptop to use outside my home, I am currently with BT anytime, if I buy a dongle? does that mean I can sit somewhere with my laptop and just get on the internet? or do I have to register with some company or other? I only want to use the internet on the laptop for email or looking up things, not gaming /videos etc thanks

  onthelimit1 17:27 02 Aug 2012

Depends what you mean by 'outside'. If outside your own property, you should be able to pick up a wireless signal from your router. If you mean 'anywhere' outside, you'd have to sign up to a mobile broadband company for which you'd need a dongle. There are more an more wireless hotspots becoming available which means you can connect to the internet in those location without the need for this service. As an example, McDonalds have free wireless access for their customers.

  pcgranny 18:19 02 Aug 2012

Thanks! that is just what I wanted to know!

  morddwyd 20:12 02 Aug 2012

If you are with BT you can use BT Fon.

  rdave13 23:56 02 Aug 2012

From BT literature (and you won't need a 'dongle'),

FREE unlimited wi-fi

When you buy any BT broadband package you receive unlimited FREE access to the world's largest wi-fi network with BT Wi-fi (the new name for BT Openzone and BT FON).

Say goodbye to restrictive mobile phone data allowances and hello to a brave new world of unlimited Internet on the move. Connect to the Internet at public wireless broadband access points called 'hotspots' – just like the way you connect wirelessly at home. Easy peasy.

320x more wi-fi hotspots than Sky Get online using your laptop, netbook, smartphone or tablet free at over 4 million public wireless hotspots in the UK and 2 million more around the world. You'll find hotspots in cafes, airports, hotels or even when you're walking down the street or relaxing in the park. And this summer we are the sole public wi-fi provider for London 2012, keeping you connected around the Olympic Park and at over 500,000 hotspots across London. It's a cinch to use – just look out for 'BT Wi-fi' in the list of available networks on your device, click connect and away you go1

  morddwyd 08:14 03 Aug 2012

Just a word of caution.

I am with BT and I have never yet found one of their hot spots!

They are well mapped and I could find one, but they don't appear just like that.

  proudfoot 10:24 03 Aug 2012

Like morddwyd I have never found a BT Hotspot. I suspect you have to be almost on top of the hotspot as the signal power will be low. You only need a dongle if you want to use the mobile phone network which is expensive.

  john bunyan 11:52 03 Aug 2012

Also see here:

Other post on dongles

  bremner 13:41 05 Aug 2012

I live in a very rural area and can regularly pick up BT Fon Hotspot as I move between villages.

In towns I am normally spoilt for choice.

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