If a choice had to be made PCU or G.card

  The Transporter 19:29 01 Jun 2003

Due to a lack of funds at the moment. The choice is either and XP2700 pcu 333 bus or a new g.card.

I have read all the info lately about the fx5800 etc.

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Are having a bit of a deal on Graphics cards.

Does anyone know anything about the new 256Mb Gainward (4950) FX PowerPack! Ultra/780 TV-DVI (FX5600). I have looked for reviews etc on the web. Does anyone use or have experience with the new card?

Is there another way of increasing game performance that i haven't thought of. Or another card you would recommend.

I know the price of a g.card is more than the pcu. About £140 and £110 respectively. (£110 for a pcu and a very large cooling device).

All imput would be greatly received. I am running A KT3 Ultra 2-R mobo with 1GB of DDR2700 ram with a Ti4200 at the Mo. and an XP2000. The only reason I am contemplating upgrading is because the prices are so cheap at the moment.


  ton 20:59 01 Jun 2003

If you change from an XP2000 to a 2700 I don't think you will notice much (if any) difference.

  The Transporter 00:16 02 Jun 2003

between the two processors? I thought it would be large. Does anybody know about the g.card or is there a better alternative.

Thank you for the commment, ton

  The Transporter 11:06 04 Jun 2003

Does anyone else have any opinions about the above?

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