Iexplore.exe trojan

  Daz35 02:35 30 Jul 2004

I seemed to have picked this up from somewhere.

Norton found it but couldn't deal with it, so I ran all the usual suspects and did a couple of scans, but nothing turned up.

Initially, when the Norton security warning came up I couldn't get rid of the warning box, it just kept coming back.

I found the file in C:windows and quarantined it, scanned in safe mode and nothing was found.

I have had this before and after the initial warning it seems to disappear.


I use spybot, adaware, spywareblaster and clean out temp files etc every few days, using cleanup, so don't really understand why it appears and then disappears without trace.

Anyone had experience of this particular trojan?

  Daz35 12:10 30 Jul 2004


  TommyRed 12:24 30 Jul 2004

What OS, could it be in your 'system restore' if you have one. AVG found one on my system yesterday and after I'd put it in the virus vault., it still showed up on the scan. So I switched off 'system restore', ran the Avast Virus Cleaner/Remover click here , rebooted and voila - gone. Remember to switch 'system restore' back on. On desktop right click on 'my computer'>left click on properties>select tab 'system restore'>check 'turn off system restore' reverse for turning back on. HTH TR

  Daz35 13:37 30 Jul 2004

Running XP, I didn't disable system restore because the trojan seemed to disappear after I quarantined the file.

I scanned with A2 and Norton in safe mode but they didn't find anything.

Even with system restore on, surely it would find the trojan?

  TommyRed 14:05 30 Jul 2004

Don't know, it just worked for me. Try the Avast cleaner from the link above, it is free and came highly recommended off this forum. HTH TR

  Daz35 15:07 30 Jul 2004

I used to use it, but didn't personally like it, but I'll give it another go!

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