iexplore.exe has generated errors ...

  Heefie 22:17 04 Sep 2003

Help, I am running Win2K and am up to date with all system upgrades for all software ... I was using Internet Explorer yesterday and it was working fine, today when I use it I get the message "iexplore.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows".

I have run a Mcafee virus scan and found nothing, I have updated to IE6 SP1 and if I try to re-install this I am told that all my components are up to date and to exit the update procedure. I have re-booted, run in Safe Mode and still have the same problem.

DrWatson gives me the following :

Application exception occurred:
App: (pid=476)
When: 9/4/2003 @ 18:50:44.687
Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

*----> Task List ----*
0 Idle.exe
8 System.exe
116 SMSS.exe
144 CSRSS.exe
164 WINLOGON.exe
192 SERVICES.exe
204 LSASS.exe
336 svchost.exe
372 WinMgmt.exe
500 explorer.exe
476 iexplore.exe
464 DRWTSN32.exe
0 _Total.exe

State Dump for Thread Id 0x124

eax=00010013 ebx=0013a974 ecx=0000ffff edx=00167d49 esi=00157d38 edi=ffffffff
eip=782f3439 esp=0012d194 ebp=0012d1b0 iopl=0 nv up ei pl nz ac pe nc
cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0038 gs=0000 efl=00000212

function: Ordinal152
782f3423 8b542404 mov edx,[esp+0x4] ss:00ba707b=????????
782f3427 33c0 xor eax,eax
782f3429 85d2 test edx,edx
782f342b 7414 jz Ordinal102+0xd17 (782f9e41)
782f342d 6a02 push 0x2
782f342f 58 pop eax
782f3430 eb07 jmp Ordinal17+0x271 (782f4339)
782f3432 0fb7c9 movzx ecx,cx
782f3435 03c1 add eax,ecx
782f3437 03d1 add edx,ecx
FAULT ->782f3439 668b0a mov cx,[edx] ds:00167d49=????
782f343c 6685c9 test cx,cx
782f343f 75f1 jnz Ordinal211+0xccf (782ff732)
782f3441 c20400 ret 0x4
782f3444 90 nop
782f3445 90 nop
782f3446 90 nop
782f3447 90 nop
782f3448 0000 add [eax],al ds:00010013=00
782f344a 0000 add [eax],al ds:00010013=00
782f344c 0000 add [eax],al ds:00010013=00
782f344e 0000 add [eax],al ds:00010013=00

Am I running out of words yet ?!?!?

I wondered if something else was running and maybe corrupting things, so I tried to run SPYBOT S&D but this starts and stops immediately, it always worked before, so I wonder if there is a connection ?!?

Any help much appreciated ...

  Ironman556 22:33 04 Sep 2003

Have you tried going to add/remove and repairing Internet Explorer? If you highlight and click add/remove you'll get an option to repair it.

Otherwise try a PCA disc which'll jave Internet Explorer 6 on it.

I'm not sure if/how internet explorer is connected to windows explorer... maybe that's how it got to spybot.

  krypt1c 22:35 04 Sep 2003

Found this MS link click here

  krypt1c 22:38 04 Sep 2003

Also found this click here, which points to this click here

  Heefie 07:09 05 Sep 2003

Well, I've been using ZoneAlarm for years and as I say, everything has been running just fine ... I wonder if ZA did an upgrade of some kind ... I'll look into it ...

Uninstalling Spybot made no difference whatsoever, but this is really weird, as I uninstalled it completely & deleted everything from the registry so it was as if it never existed on my PC. I then downloaded it from the site & re-installed from scratch & got exactly the same problem ...

Finally, I do not have IE6, or infact Internet Explorer of any release in my ADD/REMOVE options !!! I did find a link yesterday on a DELL site, detailing how to "unhide" programs from your ADD/REMOVE list, but I couldn't find Internet Explorer on that list !!!

Thanks for the help so far peeps, I'll keep bashing away & hopefully one of us will find the answer !!!

Off to work now, oh if only I had internet access there ... bloody auditors <g> !!!!!!

  krypt1c 19:21 05 Sep 2003

In W2K if you go into settings > control panel > add/remove programs there's an option add/remove windows components.

  Ironman556 19:25 05 Sep 2003

If you have a PCA disc you shouldn't need to go to add/remove, strange it's not there though.

Put the disc in, browse to the IE setup, run it and you should get the options.

  Heefie 20:03 05 Sep 2003

Not sure I understand this ... yes, I have an "Add/Remove Windows Components" option, but if I click on it Internet Explorer is checked and if I uncheck it ... well my shortcut has gone, I'll try rebooting in a minute !!!

I tried the PCA disk & it ran the Install and said "Restart Computer", there was no uninstal or repair option !!!

I'll send this & come back later to let you know what's happening, I'm in the middle of something right now ...

  Ironman556 20:49 05 Sep 2003

Sorry the IE option isn't under the Windows Components add/remove. If you've unchecked it you'll need to recheck to get the icon back.

The program is listed under the standard options, on the install/uninstall tab, whewre all other programs are listed.

Hope this makes it clearer.

  Heefie 23:51 05 Sep 2003

Oh happy days ... how I despise Microsoft sometimes !!!
Yep, my Internet Explorer icons had all gone, so I re-clicked on the IE option in the ADD/REMOVE button & it asked me for the Win2k CD ... I inserted, clicked everything in sight, and let it run ... It all seemed to work, I installed SP1 and all seems to be OK ... thanks to you all, though I'm not 100% sure what I actually did to sort it, uncheck & recheck the IR option I suppose !!!!

Spybot still doesn't work though, maybe I'll sit on that for a week or two, after all, with ZonaAlarm and Mcafee running I'm fairly well protected !!!

Gaz (Vodkasoda)

  Heefie 23:53 05 Sep 2003

That should read IE & not IR obviously !!!!

Thanks peeps ... much appreciated ...

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