IEspell; it should work on here?

  p;3 17:10 09 Jun 2005

for some reason IE spell does not seem to be working on this forum; I presume that it should?

(win 98se and IE6 here)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:14 09 Jun 2005

It does.


  rawprawn 17:17 09 Jun 2005

You aren't by any chance clicking I Spell optios in the context menu, rather than "Check Spelling"? Sorry just a thought.

  p;3 17:23 09 Jun 2005

I"ve just tested it on another forum I am on; it works ok there ; on here, when I go to "check spelling " I get an error sound and nowt happens:((

  wee eddie 17:43 09 Jun 2005

No problems here.

Delete and reinstall.

  p;3 18:06 09 Jun 2005

might have sussed this; double-checking my settings:)

  p;3 09:24 11 Jun 2005

have adjusted my Guard IE settings to compensate for something,and "allow" a box to appear on screen for this web page; so far so good:)

  Andsome 09:57 11 Jun 2005

It dus werk on ere foine

  p;3 10:05 11 Jun 2005

etes vous ecrites en anglais mon amie?

and my version aint set up for ought but anglais :))

thou neededst to "ducate usesrs version of prog :)

and I "as again forgot to change mes settings so cant spell check this:(((((

"P;3 unclick the window..might help thee a wee bit"

  Andsome 10:38 11 Jun 2005

etes vous ecrites en anglais mon amie?


  p;3 10:51 11 Jun 2005

"It dus werk on ere foine"
; my spell-checker dont like thatalot:))

I remembered to open my window so I could spell-check..:()()

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